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Living Lightly

Living Lightly operates on many different levels. The name conjures up two meanings. Firstly it means living lightly on the Earth with care and respect for the planet and for nature. Secondly it means living from light, approaching life from a spiritual perspective. These two meanings represent the balance between our humanity and our spirituality and a different way of living.

As life becomes increasingly materialistic there is a group of people who seek a different way. Individually they seek a happier more fulfilling existence based on common understanding sharing and mutual love and respect. They share a common feeling that there is a better way. In a society that seeks immediate self gratification it seems that something has been lost and these individuals seek to find it again within themselves.

These newsletters are for those who seek a different way. It represents an holistic approach to life, incorporating mind, body and spirit. It does not imply or follow any particular path and is open to all who journey to find a better way of living lightly. It is open to all beliefs, religions and cultures.

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Issue 9 - September 2008 
Issue 8 - June 2008
Issue 7 - December 2007

Issue 6 - April 2007
Issue 5 - September 2006
Issue 4 - September 2005
Issue 3 - June 2005
Issue 2 - March 2005
Issue 1 - December 2004