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2 Dimensional Energy Diagrams


Yin Yang

Chinese illustration of the 3 treasures
(energy centers or Dan Tien / Tan T'ien)

Chakras with Ida and Pingala

Its interesting to look at symbolic images.

Take the Taoist Yin Yang symbol, with its Yang energy descending and Yin energy rising. Even at the maximum point of Yang energy, the begining of Yin is contained within it, and visa versa ... creating not only a cosmic cycle, but a cycle of energy within ourselves, a microcosmic cycle.

Look at the Indian Chakra system. At first glance the 7 Chakra's are just overlaid onto the anatomy of a person, corresponding to the glandular system. But the Chakra's do not only represent the glandular system, but also states of mind and consciousness, and also have other qualities attributed onto them. Looking at the system further, the Yin Yang flow is also represented by the added illustration of Ida and Pingala energy flow lines that interweave between the Chakras in a sine wave like pattern, moving down from Crown to Base and visa versa.

These symbols are classic representations of energy passed down from thousands of years ago.

I became intrigued by the simple sine wave pattern at the heart of these diagrams and noticed that the Yin Yang symbol had a single sine wave within it, and the Chakra system had a triple sine wave within it.

Thinking along the same lines, I also realised that the Chinese system of the Three Treasures, or 3 Tan Tien, could also easily be represented by a double sine wave giving the upper, middle and lower Tan Tien.

I have put together a series of illustrations that hopefully set out the sequence of thought that leads to the 2 dimensional illustrations that repeat these simple sine wave patterns 360 degrees around a ceneral point.

1 dimensional images :

Diagram 1 - Yin Yang single sine wave coloured with the appropriate Chakra colours as it descends from Source to Base ;

Diagram 2 - Yin Yang single sine wave coloured with the appropriate Chakra colours as it descends from Source to Base, but with the reverse sine wave also drawn. The sine wave with its reverse gives you an infinity symbol, as it more completely represents the flow from Source to Base and visa versa ... also seen as the Ida and Pingala idea within the Chakra system ;

Diagram 3 - 3 Tan Tien double sine wave with Chakra colours as it descends, also drawn with reverse ;

Diagram 4 - 7 Chakra triple sine wave with colours, also drawn with reverse ;

Diagram 5 - Yin Yang , Tan Tien and Chakra sine waves on one diagram, with the reverse sine waves also drawn ;

2 dimensional images :

Diagram 6 - Take the single sine wave diagram from before (diagram 2) and repeat it every 18 degrees around a central point ;

Diagram 7 - Take the double sine wave diagram (diagram 3) and repeat ;

Diagram 8 - Take the triple sine wave diagram (diagram 4) and repeat ;

2 dimensional combined images :

Diagram 9 - single, double and triple sine wave diagrams, repeated every 72 degrees and combined ;

Diagram 10 - single, double and triple sine wave diagrams, repeated every 36 degrees and combined ;

Diagram 11 - single, double and triple sine wave diagrams, repeated every 18 degrees and combined ;

In conclusion

When I look at diagram 11, it illustrates to me how the Spiritual energy radiates outwards from a central point within.

It is like a Spiritual Sun or Star within each of us, radiating the very essence of our lives and indeed our consciousness, love.

As unconditional love is radiated out from our Spiritual core, it moves down through the energy spectrum towards the Heart.

This love is one and the same as the love being expressed by Jesus in the Christian tradition.

However, I believe that this single source is at the heart of every religion, and interacted with directly when people choose an esoteric path. An esoteric path is just a way to experience spirituality, or energy, directly.

For example : Gnostic (Christian) , Yoga (Hinduism) , Taoism (Chinese) , Sufi (Islam) , Kabbalah (Jewish)  , Vajrayana (Buddhist Yoga) and you also have practices from many endiginous cultures around the world.

People may be already working on an esoteric path or level, not realising that they are doing so as even without following such a path you experience and interact with this energy in your daily life. You are this energy.

Its just a deeper engagement, a deeper use of intuition, trusting your own inner teacher or spiritual connection.

In our own lives, in ideal situations, unconditional love is then reflected by the Heart, reflected in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

More often, however, unconditional love manifests as conditional love, but by acknowledging situations in life as opportunities for change you can work towards a deeper expression of unconditional love in your own life.

Learning to live from the Heart center is the central teaching of Active Willingness.

The energy then continues down towards earth, into our physical being, and indeed, on a larger scale, into the universe itself.

Taken these diagrams one step further, instead of a 2 dimensional rotation, you could imagine rotating these images in 3 dimensions.
In this case, rather than a circle being produced, you would get a sphere.

The coloured areas would become Spheres of Light.

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