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The newsletter and the Active Willingness website are devoted to helping people to awaken spiritual awareness and to support them in that process. For me the Active Willingness course and book have been major factors in my own spiritual development. Through the course I have observed incredible growth and awakening in people and I acknowledge that the course has played a role in that growth.

I am reaching a point of transition in that I am acknowledging the wholeness within and recognising therefore that I need nothing. Teaching the Active Willingness course for me has been key to my personal learning. Yet now I recognise that I no longer need to teach in order to learn. This doesn’t mean that I will no longer teach but that I will continue without the need for my own learning. I have an understanding that I need nothing and I am seeking to embed this truth. I also recognise that the reverse of that is that I have nothing to teach anyone. As part of the process I am stopping the Friday night Active Willingness classes and creating in their place a sacred circle which is about sharing rather than learning.

I am aware that there a quite a few people who still want to go through the course and I am going to attempt something different to satisfy that need. Alongside the Tai Chi and Meditation classes I am running an internet course. The practical use of Chi Kung and Meditation will be part of the classes and those who are interested in spiritual awakening can access the notes etc. on the website. I also aim to produce a weekly email where I intend to get to the core of each lesson, i.e. the pearl of spiritual truth.

The other advantage of this is that it will make the course more widely available to people who use chi kung and meditation, who are learning with other teachers and those who use different methods, e.g. yoga and reiki, to access spiritual awareness.

To learn more about the course read the course introduction and book material on this website. To sign up to receive the course please email with your details and with any questions.

The Active Willingness course goes through the process of awakening to your spiritual nature. It aims to help you develop the tools needed for you to recognise and access the spiritual side of your being and to use that side of yourself in daily life. It is open to people of all religions and aims to help people to deepen their spiritual experience.

The course is split into 32 lessons with three main sections. The first part helps us become more aware of how we operate as a human being, to understand the interaction between our human and spiritual nature and to open our heart. The second part of the course helps us to deepen our awareness of our spiritual nature and awakening spiritual awareness. The third part of the course is about integrating spirit into everyday activity, and developing the on-going process of change and development of spirit into our lives.

There is no charge for this course and it is open to all. If people wish to make an exchange of energy for the course they are welcome to make a donation. All donations will support peace projects in particular the World Peace Flame and the Land of Peace.