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Poem Resources


Cave of Crystals - Julie Parry
We are the silence - Julie Parry
Poems  by Julie Parry
Poems by Liz Hardebeck

I am Here by Doreen Seddon
I Wait in the Wings by Doreen Seddon
Pathways by Teresa Larkins 
Ancient Taoist meditation 
Autumn Leaves by Liz Hardebeck

Now by Julie Parry

Eagle by Julie Parry
I Stand on Ground Anew by Amanda Baker
Heart of Light by Archangel Chamuel
My Reiki Journey by Alex Shirly
The True Royals by Teresa Larkin
Summer Walk by Rose Graham
The time has come by Rumi
Bullies by Doreen Seddon

Spirit of Cheshire by Rosemary Graham
My first Tai Chi lesson by Rosamund Tanner-Tremaine