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About the author
Tony Morton is a teacher of Tai Chi and meditation. After 25 years working in the UK Banking industry, following a moment of divine inspiration, Tony realised that he needed to leave his job and follow his passion in spiritual awakening. Nearly two years later and the opportunity arose to leave work. At the same time he completed his Tai Chi teacher training course and two spiritual awareness courses with Jason Chan and James Twyman.

The abilities and confidence gained working as an IT consultant have provided the skills needed to pursue his spiritual teaching and his analytical and strategic abilities have been important in creating this book. As a mark of gratitude for the opportunity that they had been given Tony, and his wife Sue, spent forty days walking the pilgrim route to Santiago De Compostella.

This opportunity has allowed this book to be created, through daily prayer, meditation and contemplation of his spiritual journey. Tony has compiled the meditative and contemplative writings into this course. The teaching of the course has stretched knowledge beyond his understanding.

Tony is a student of A Course in Miracles and this has provided the foundation and inspiration for his work. Tony has a Christian background but, through his own teaching and spiritual path, has also been greatly influenced by Taoist and Buddhist Philosophy. He has great respect for all religions and the underlying truth. He follows no particular religion or teacher having chosen to trust his own connection to the divine. With gratitude to all who have participated, for the beauty of this world and for the Divine presence.