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Chapter 10 - Self Realisation
The spiritual journey’s conclusion is self realisation or enlightenment, understanding who we truly are. We may believe that this state is only for special people and that we are not worthy of it, but it is our birthright. More importantly, it is the purpose of life itself. It is our purpose here on earth to discover who we are and to experience it through our earthly body. It is our only purpose. When we discover who we really are, we learn that we are not alone, that we are part of the whole and therefore we want everyone, every part, to experience truth also.

The experience of true nature is always the same, it is peace, joy, love and compassion. It is the discovery of inner peacefulness that is permanent. It is already within us. We do not have to believe in God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna or any form of religion to find it. Religious concepts may help us to reach a state where we are able to experience it but are not needed to cross over.

The spiritual journey, this self realisation, is ultimately an experience, and as an experience it is very personal. Nobody else can experience it for us, we can only feel it for ourselves. The experience is ours, it is inside us. It is not an intellectual experience, it cannot be understood, it has to be experienced completely and wholly.

The more we learn, the more we realise that truth cannot be understood; it cannot be described and explained. All explanations and descriptions, including this course, are but shadows of the truth. Yet, there are examples both living and dead of people who have experienced complete self realisation and many people have glimpsed that truth. The closest experiences in human existence are usually in nature when we experience with awe the might of nature. This is close to the experience of self realisation, but in self realisation you are part of it, part of the magnitude of nature. When it is experienced, then it is completely understood, but it is never understood intellectually. Seek the experience.