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Chapter 12 - Completion
This is the end of the course. Congratulations, for coming this far. Just take a moment to consider what we have done together, where we have come from and how we have changed. Acknowledge how well we have done to get here.

This is not really the end, just a point of transition. Now is the time to consider where we are and where we go next. We consider our continued growth towards self realisation, our purpose in life, and how we move forward towards completion.

There is also a final aspect of teaching, to help us to sustain our continued focus. This teaching, is fundamental to this course, it is that self realisation is possible in this lifetime. This course has been working to this goal, not at some future time, not in the next lifetime, or the one after that, but in this lifetime. We have the tools we need. In Spirit, we have the teacher we need. Take a moment to reflect on how far we have come, in such a short time, and imagine how far we can go in the years ahead. Acknowledge what has already been achieved.

Life now becomes a process of learning and changing, constantly clearing away. At the same time we spend time in God’s presence raising our prayer to be at one. This is the fundamental basis of this course to establish a continuous process of change and the ability to be at one with God.