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Chapter 1 - The Spiritual Journey
This is the start of a spiritual journey. Before we start, we pause awhile and prepare ourselves. This is the purpose of this first month, it is the pause before the start, the inhalation of breath. It is the moment of anticipation and the practical preparation for the journey ahead.

We should be clear in our mind why we are taking this journey. It is unlikely that we are here by accident. Something has brought us to this point and given us the desire to undertake this journey. At this point it may be just a hope or a desire for something better, a different way of living that is more fulfilling. We have probably come to a time in our life when we say “There must be something better than this.” For each of us the goals and objectives will be different. We all arrive here at different places and move forward in different ways. There is no single set of objectives for this course and what each of us learn will differ.

Pause a while, take a few moments, right now, to consider the objective. Just for a second there is a fleeting glimpse of what might be. We can almost feel it, touch it, because the end is already there. This journey is not like any other we have ever taken. We are seeking something that we already have, it is already inside us. We do not have to travel to get there, all we need to do is to reveal what we already have. Yet as we pause, it is almost there, just a moment, a glimpse, away. If we hold onto that moment then the journey is complete.