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Chapter 2 - Awareness
The first stage of this course is awareness. We use physical movement and stillness to gain awareness of our body, our breath, our thoughts and our emotions. Gaining awareness is not in any way, about being critical, and it is very important that we remember this. It is one of the most important aspects of this course that we are not critical of ourselves.

As we deepen into awareness we start to notice how we behave towards others, what games we play, what we pretend to the world. We recognise what makes us happy, angry, frustrated, sad, joyful and become more aware of how this supports our self image.

We start to become aware of the way we interact with the world because this will help us to understand ourselves. In particular we want to become aware of what creates negativity in us, what annoys us, what makes us angry, what makes us feel jealous, what makes us afraid. It is important to understand that we are acting as observers here, watching ourselves but not judging ourselves.

Our objective is to become more aware of the image we present to the world. What ideas of the world we have, what we consider right and wrong, good and bad, what we think is acceptable and not acceptable. Self awareness is the most basic tool of change. Unless we are aware of ourselves, we cannot change. So the start of change is to become more aware of ourselves and develop tools of awareness. We observe our self image and how we support and create it. Start to notice reactions and responses which do not feel good. Do not think of this self image and reactions in any way as bad, they are normal, but do recognise that they can be changed if we want to.