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Chapter 3 - Acknowledgement
This month is about acceptance, being able to accept all sides of ourselves. First and foremost it is about accepting all the negativity within us, acknowledging that it is there. It is allowing ourselves to feel all emotions fully and accepting that they are part of us, not imposed on us by anybody or anything else. To assist this recognition of ourselves we acknowledge that everything in the world is a reflection of us. What we perceive in the world and how we respond to it is a reflection of us, our mind, our rules and our judgements. We start to recognise the world as a learning tool, reflecting back to us how we are. We also recognise that we have a choice. We can choose what we want in our life and therefore how we respond to the world we live in.

Everything we perceive in the world is a reflection of us. Anything that affects us is reflecting an aspect of ourselves. All the negativity we perceive in the world is a reflection of our nature. It reflects how we think and the subconscious rules and image we judge the world by. But all the positive and the beauty we see in the world is also a reflection of ourselves. We try this month to acknowledge that the world is a reflection of us and if it is we can use our choice to change. The negativity that we see in the world becomes the tool for transformation, because negativity reflects an aspect of ourselves that we do not like and that we might choose to change.