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Chapter 4 - Surrender
This month is the nub of the course, the very essence of the course is central to this month’s teaching. The rest of the course expands from here developing from the foundation of this month. The need to do nothing is an essential truth, which will stay with us, and develop within us, for the rest of our life.

Let us go back to the beginning of the course to two things we said. First this is a spiritual course, the purpose of this course is to help us to develop knowledge of our spiritual self. Secondly, that Spirit is the teacher of the course. Yet although Spirit is the teacher, when presented as a course someone stands and talks, prepares the material and leads the activity. This is a paradox, a contradiction, and the contradiction is true as a spiritual teaching. Paradoxes are an essential part of spiritual teaching.

They are necessary because we, the people being taught, do not yet recognise, completely, our spiritual wholeness and therefore are still locked into our human existence. So we need to see something physical in front of us, something for us to do, some action, some ability to understand. This is our need to see things from our position. Yet the ‘absolute’ truth is that Spirit is the teacher and the only teacher. What the activity is doing is satisfying a human need that we all have. We cannot get to spiritual truth through human lessons, only through the teaching of Spirit. Yet the purpose of the human lessons is to lead us to Spirit.

The whole basis of this course is founded on another paradox, that we do not need to do anything to achieve our spiritual truth, while at the same time doing Chi Kung, meditation, reading and exercises. The absolute truth is that we need do nothing, while from our relative human position we still need activity to focus us on our goal. If we all just sat here in silence and waited for Spirit to teach us, it wouldn’t be much of a course. We need to have things which satisfy our human need. We need exercises and activities to give us something to grasp and to help us to develop our human self. So while we say “I need do nothing.” to develop our spiritual self and this is the ‘absolute’ truth, from a relative position we still need to satisfy our human need for something concrete to do.