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Chapter 5 - Forgiveness
The focus this month is on healing our perception of separation. The tool we use for this is forgiveness.

We have started to recognise that we have two different aspects to our being that operate in completely different ways. We are a spiritual being that is unchanging. It is an interconnected being, which has always been connected to the rest of the universe. We are also a physical being which sees itself as separate and apart from everything else.

Our spiritual being is unchanged by anything our physical being has done, except that it has increased its awareness through the experience. God has never recognised this spiritual being as anything other than part of It. Therefore God has always seen this being as perfect.

Our physical being sees itself as apart and, because of this perception of separation, we feel an underlying sense of lack. Our physical being, having a separate view of the world, responds to this lack by creating an image of itself and projecting that image onto the world, trying to find things which support the image and denying things that don’t. The human self therefore perceives the world as right and wrong, good and bad. We do this to maintain our separate identity and make ourselves feel unique and special. However, this view of the world adds to our feeling of separation, which adds to our underlying dis-ease. We continue to seek and strive to maintain our image, while suppressing our true sense of inadequacy. This feeling is very subtle, it is deeply held and hidden and not at all obvious. The feelings caused by this sense of separateness are held within the physical body and are the cause of much internal stress and tension which results in physical or mental illness.

This cycle of separation is the natural result of being apart from source. This month we aim to start to break the cycle with the use of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the acceptance of our human nature and the start of returning to our true nature. With forgiveness, when we become aware of our needs, desires and issues arising from our sense of separation we accept it and return to our heart. Forgiveness is always for ourselves. While we project our fears and needs onto others and see the problems in them, the real issue is always our perception of separation.