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Chapter 6 - Connection
Until now the focus has been on our human nature, identifying how that part of us operates and recognising that we have another part that operates in a different way. Over the next four chapters we will develop awareness of our spiritual nature. All spiritual writings and teachings tell us the same thing, everything we seek is inside. Now we begin the search to find what is already there.

We begin by establishing our connection to Spirit, to become aware of the guidance within. It is not creating a connection, but increasing awareness of the connection we already have. This is the establishment of the inner teacher which guides and leads our development. The more we listen to the guidance, the more we trust and follow it.

This chapter is also about discernment. There are two voices speaking within us, the higher mind and the ego mind. We learn to differentiate between them and tell them apart. In the next chapter we will be dealing with creativity and our ability to create the world we live in. Every thought we have is creating the world around us. In order to create the world of the higher mind we need to learn to choose between thoughts of the lower, ego, mind and those of the higher, spiritual, mind.

In this chapter we start to understand how to access that higher mind and through the higher mind to connect to Spirit. We learn how to differentiate between the higher mind and the ego mind. Choosing between the higher and ego minds then becomes an on-going process which depends on commitment to our spiritual goal.

The nature of the higher mind and the ego mind are different. The ego mind is busy, chattering and unfocused. It creates a world of fear and uncertainty. The ego mind is defensive and protects its own self image. The higher mind is stiller and more peaceful, it is open and loving, it sees equality and peace. The higher mind, by its inherent nature is communal, in that it does not see itself separate but part of a larger being. As we spend longer in the higher mind we become more peaceful, open, loving and in communion with others.