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Chapter 7 - Creativity
This part of the course is about connecting to the flow of the Universe. This flow is continuous and we are always part of it. The Universe has unlimited energy and this source of energy is part of us and we are part of it. Yet we do not always recognise it. There are times that we can recognise and connect to this flow. When we are in the flow we can harness its power for healing, for love, for inspiration, for guidance and for creativity. When we are in the flow, miracles are the natural way of life.

This month we continue to explore our spiritual nature and recognise who we really are. We continue to develop the recognition of our soul quality. The objective this month is to explore our creative ability. This ability is part of our fundamental human being, not just our spiritual self. Our creativity is a reminder of who we really are, it reminds us that we were created in God’s image. If we can acknowledge this then we can also recognise that we were created perfect, and therefore we are our soul qualities and not the transitory human ones.

In the end there is only one choice, between who we are and who we pretend we are. We can create from either perspective. There is no problem with choosing a new job, new car, new partner or whatever we desire, but does it come from love or from lack. Everything is available to us, the world is abundant. Whatever we create comes either from our universal connection or from our limited self. It is a privilege to be able to choose.