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Chapter 8 - Community
Now we start to go deeper. The objective is to experience another aspect of our spiritual nature, that of being part of a spiritual community. We have already worked on our spiritual connection and our creative ability, and now we look at our relationship with others from the perspective of our spiritual being.

There are three aspects of this spiritual community that we will explore: the personal relationships that we have and how to develop these into holy relationships, the people with whom we share our spiritual journey and who support and inspire us, and the true nature of spiritual being, understanding the oneness of all beings and what that means for us.

We are all one. All human beings are part of a whole. When we become at-one with the universe and experience our connection to earth and to heaven, we recognise that we are part of a greater whole and in that recognition we know that it is the same for every other human being. At a spiritual level we are not separate, we are joined. Yet sometimes the significance of this evades us. Whatever we do, we do to everyone. Any negativity directed at others, is also directed at us. Any growth we achieve is growth for all.

In our understanding of this we start to extend our growth to include the healing of others and healing on a planetary basis and in doing so we heal ourselves. Finally we recognise that there is no completion without the completion of the whole. We cannot complete alone, if we are all joined there is no meaning in completion unless all parts are complete. As we grow in love, we grow not for our individual self but for all mankind.