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Active Willingness - A Course in Spiritual Awakening

This is a course in spiritual awakening, it is a journey of self discovery. Its purpose is to gain greater understanding of who we are, in particular to uncover the spiritual aspects of our nature. Spiritual awakening is not about becoming better, higher or holier, it is about becoming more rounded and complete.

This course goes through a process of spiritual awakening. It is intended as a beginning, in that it does not offer or promise complete self realisation or enlightenment, because that is not within anyone's gift. It will help us to know our self, increasing understanding of the world and provide the tools for continued growth through daily life. It aims to:

  • establish the understanding of spiritual growth so that it can be brought into daily life,
  • develop spiritual connection so that life becomes more intuitive and guided,
  • provide tools and techniques which will help and support spiritual growth.

The nature of this course is to awaken us to what is already within, increasing awareness and experience of the spiritual self. This awareness is felt through the physical body, the emotions and the mind. The course therefore aims to train these physical, emotional and mental aspects through the use of Chi Kung and Meditation. The spiritual nature cannot be trained, it is already complete and whole. All the course can do is change perception and increase awareness of Spirit and our own spiritual nature.

This course is about direct experience of who we are. It is experiential, because experience transcends all boundaries. It does not matter what names we use or what beliefs we have the experience of wholeness is the same for all of us. We may describe the experience differently, we may use different means to get there, but the experience is always the same. It is an experience of oneness and there can be only one experience of that unity. It does not matter whether we follow a particular religion, belief system, or have no beliefs at all, the experience is always the same. Therefore through direct experience this course aims to transcend all separation, to literally go beyond belief.

Spiritual nature is peaceful, joyful and loving and this course is based on an approach which reflects these qualities. From a spiritual perspective we are already perfect, and if we can completely open to that awareness then this course is already complete.

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