Your only calling here is to devote yourself, with active willingness, to the denial of guilt in all its forms.” 

A Course in Miracles


Active Willingness is an approach to spiritual awakening. It is not intended for special people, but for everyone, living normal lives, doing regular jobs. Its purpose is to bring balance to our lives, to provide a contrast to the urgency, stress and materialism of modern day living.

Spirituality is the awareness that we are not individual separate beings but we are all connected. There is a unifying creative force in the world of which we are all part. When we realise this, not intellectually but through direct experience, then our whole perspective on life changes, we become more fulfilled, happier and more creative.

This website has arisen from the Active Willingness course and book with the aim of supporting people in their spiritual awakening, by providing information, inspiration and guidance.

Active Willingness started out as an experiential course using meditation, energy exercises and practical tools. It brings spiritual awareness into everyday activities. It helps us to experience our spiritual nature. It takes us from the initial stage of spiritual awareness to self realisation by helping us develop the tools we need for continued awakening. It guides us on the journey, helping us to understand the difference between the spiritual and the physical views of life.

It is open to people of all beliefs and religions and people with no specific belief. It does not challenge beliefs but deepens them through direct experience.

The aim of the course is to help establish three qualities within us; a vital physical body, a still, quiet, connected mind and an open heart. We learn to bring these three together into a sense of wholeness and well being. We appreciate the natural world, we are intuitively guided by the unifying creative force and we interact with the world through an open heart. This is practical spirituality in the real world. Spirituality is not something special or separate from everyday living. Spirituality is already part of us, all we have to do is to awaken to its presence and bring a sense of balance back into our lives.