Tai Chi / Chi Kung

This section covers both Tai Chi in general, and specifically the Infinite Tai Chi form.
In addition there is a section on Chi Kung, or energy exercise, describing various tools and sequences for improving the body’s energy.

What is Tai Chi ? 
Tai Chi is a slow, gentle, flowing movement, which is coordinated through the whole body. It follows a sequence of movements, usually referred to as the form. Tai Chi is an holistic practice in that it does not just exercise the body, but the mind as well. It also allows you to become more aware of your spiritual self, that powerful inner being.

What is Infinite Tai Chi?
Infinite Tai Chi is a modern form of Tai Chi, developed by Jason Chan. It is a particularly flowing form of Tai Chi, which balances strength and softness with awareness of the elements. Infinite Tai Chi is a non-martial form. The movements, on which Tai Chi is based, were originally created to support monks in their meditation, however, over time, they became martial arts. Infinite Tai Chi recalls the original movement in that its main purpose is to support personal and spiritual development.

What is Chi Kung?
Chi Kung literally translates to Energy Art or Energy Exercise. It can best be described as the management of the body’s energy, including gathering, conserving and sharing energy.