Meditation is a state of mind where the mind is alert and alive, aware of all the senses, but there are no thoughts. It is not that thoughts do not arise, but they do not stay e.g you may be sitting in meditation and hear the sound of an ambulance, the mind could start thinking “that is an ambulance” and start to wonder where the ambulance is going and go further into other thoughts connected to experiences of ambulances. In meditation we are aware of the sound of the ambulance, but we do not allow the train of thought to continue.

Introduction to Meditation
Meditation Practice
Creating Space
Meditation Posture
Chakra Meditation
What is meditation?
What is Meditation like?
Uses for Meditation
Meditation – Being and Doing
Dealing with Distractions
What is Chi?
What are Chakras?
Meditation – Embracing
Meditation and the Emotions