Chakra Meditation

The aim of meditation is to bring the mind to stillness. This is usually achieved by focussing on a single object. There are many different forms of meditation all of which help you to still the mind. This form of meditation focuses on the chakras, or energy centres, in the body and is complementary to Chi Kung exercise.

Meditation is very relaxing. Try to stay alert and focussed. It is best to meditate at a time of day when you are most alert and not tired. The mind will wander, but when it does simply return to the object of your focus. Keep drawing the mind back. With practice you will more easily enter a meditative state. This has great benefits for your health and well being.

The aim of meditation is to help you to know yourself better. You will become more aware of yourself and your own thought processes. In the stillness of the mind you will find a deep inner peacefulness and sense of being whole.

Ideally the meditation will be done in a seated position, but can be done lying down or standing if preferred. For simplicity it will be assumed for this description that you will be seated. Make yourself comfortable and check your physical posture. The back should be straight, the body relaxed, arms comfortably resting on your thighs or in your lap and the tongue should be resting on the roof of the mouth.

Establish the breath. Observe your breathing. You should breathe in and out slowly to the second centre, the Tan Tien. Ideally as you breathe in the stomach should expand and contract again as you breathe out, but it is most important for the breathe to be comfortable and as slow as possible.

Imagine yourself sitting on a lotus flower. This establishes your connection to Earth energy. As you breathe in imagine the breath travelling up your spine and up to your crown centre. As you breathe out imagine the breath coming down the front of the body back to the base centre. Do this a few times, say 3 or 6, gradually tuning in and relaxing.

Put the arms to the side to form a triangle. Raise your hands up to the light above your crown. Bring the light down to each chakra in turn, breathing in the light at each chakra, breathing out as you come down to the next chakra. After the base chakra, once again bring your hands to your side, forming a triangle. See yourself in a pyramid of golden light and ask for protection and guidance from whoever or whatever you believe in.

Bring your mind to the Tan Tien and breathe in and out through the chakra. Try to maintain your focus on the energy centre and the breath. Continue at the Tan Tien until you feel the need to move on. For guidance this should be at least 9 breaths.

Repeat the above process at the Solar Plexus.

Repeat again at the Heart. Once you have breathed in at the heart nine times then raise your hands to the heart level, palms upwards and the arms open (as though holding a large bowl). Here give thanks to Spirit, for guidance, support and love. The meditation should continue at the heart, feeling love, peace or joy at the heart or any other positive emotion. Stay with this positive aspect of yourself for as long as you feel comfortable with it.

When ready return you mind to the Tan Tien and start to breathe more deeply. Try to hold onto the positive feeling and bring it back with you as you come back from your meditation.

Form a triangle and then raise the hands up to the crown. Breathing out and repeating the opening process but this time with the intent of closing. At the heart, bow to give thanks.

Do not rush. Allow yourself to sit and relax for a while, feeling and observing the sensations in and around the body. Just rest for a while.

Meditation technique – positive emotions
Using the same technique as above but when you come to your heart experience a positive emotion e.g. love, peace or joy. Consider a time of peace and use it re-create the feeling of peace in your heart and then just sit with that experience.