Embracing Emotions

This meditation is built on the technique of meditating on the chakras. This time as we come to the solar plexus centre, we allow ourselves to feel a negative emotion. We stay there allowing ourselves to go into it more deeply, embracing the feeling and acknowledging it, accepting ownership of it. Once you have felt it as fully as possible at this time then move onto the heart and sit with a positive emotion.

To start with, only work with relatively small issues and emotions. Don’t start with the biggest issues in your life. Practice with the tool and develop it first. At the same time use meditation and chi kung to strengthen the heart centre so that you are more capable of returning to that positive feeling.

Prepare and open yourself as last month. Then bring your mind to the Tan Tien and breathe in and out through the chakra. Continue at the Tan Tien until you feel the need to move on. For guidance this should be at least 9 breaths.

Repeat the breathing at the Solar Plexus. If you have been experiencing any negative emotions that you want to work on, then stay at the solar plexus. Feel the emotion, allow yourself to remember the feeling. Go into it as deeply as possible, so that you fully experience it. If the mind wanders into the story, bring it back to the emotion. When you have fully experienced it move on to the heart.

Repeat the breathing at the Heart. Once you have breathed in at the heart nine times then give thanks to Spirit, and to all those involved, for the experience. Give thanks that you do not need to have that experience again. Continue at the heart, feeling love, peace or joy at the heart or any other positive emotion. Stay with this positive aspect of yourself for as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Take your time closing down. Remember at the heart to give thanks to whatever you believe in and to anyone involved in the issue or emotion. They at some level have helped to provide you with an opportunity to learn and change.