Meditation Practice

Meditation practice should be split into three parts, preparation, meditation and closing. Always try to include each part in a meditation session.

This is the creation of physical, mental and spiritual readiness for meditation. Physically you need to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Mentally you need to be alert. Spiritually you can use objects which help to invoke in you a spiritual state of mind e.g. religious icons, flowers or candles. Simple exercises can be used beforehand to stretch and relax the body and to increase vitality and metal alertness.

Sit comfortably, with good posture, back straight and relaxed. Spend a few moments settling the body and mind. Feel grounded and open up by raising the hands slowly above your head, then bring them down imagining you are drawing in a light to fill the body. Breathe the light into every energy centre. Root yourself into the earth. Imagine yourself surrounded in a pyramid of golden light, feeling safe and secure. Relax further into the sitting position and settle the breath.

This can follow a number of different techniques focussing on an object of attention. On this course this will be based on the breath or the chakras (energy centres). Use a technique that you feel familiar and comfortable with e.g. observing the breath.

Observe the breath. Feel it coming and going, and focus on every breath. When you become distracted, or you observe that your mind has wandered, bring it back to the object of attention. Keep bringing the mind back without any sense of self judgement. After a while when you feel quiet and peaceful, let the focus of the meditation go and just sit. Try to stay quiet and peaceful.

Closing down is as important as preparation and meditation. Try not to rush this, it is a time for insight and self awareness. It is an opportunity to gently bring your meditative state into full awareness. Try to remember any insight that you get.

Start by becoming more aware of the body and senses. Feel the floor, your chair or stool and your hands. Start to hear the sounds of the world, near and far. Open your eyes very slowly, so that you maintain a sense of peacefulness and do not immediately become distracted by the world. Feel grounded into your body, imagine you are touching the earth with your hands. Reach up to the sky and close down through the energy centres, as you did in preparation. When your hands come down to your heart feel appreciation for whatever you believe in, for this world and for the people in your life. Gently stretch the body and begin to move.