This is a very simple exercise and visualisation that works on the energy body to help to increase your vitality and increase general well being. It works by focussing attention on the Tan Tien energy centre, which is located about three fingers width below the navel, in the centre of the body. It can be done seated or standing. I can be done laying down, but the visualisation works better in an upright position. The Tan Tien centre is associated with the body’s energy and is the centre most closely connected to general physical well being. It is thought to be connected with the kidneys and the adrenal glands. The centre is located approximately where the body’s centre of gravity is.

Sitting comfortably, feet on the ground, back straight, head drawn up, chin tucked in, shoulders down and relaxed. It is good to close your eyes, so that you can deeper into the feeling of the exercise.
Rest one hand on top of the other, whichever way round is the most comfortable, on the Tan Tien, with the thumbs interlocked. Bring your attention to the point behind the hands and just relax and breathe naturally. Feel that the body is sinking down, into the chair. The chair supports all your weight. Feel that the body wants to return to the earth. At the same time continue to be drawn upwards.
Imagine that there are roots from the soles of the feet going into the earth. The roots feel as though they are pulling the body down and at the same time feeding the body with energy. The energy rises through the centre of the foot, through the ankles, knees and hips and into the point behind the hands. Take your time as you do this so that you feel the energy rising. Feel the energy filling the point behind the hands. Sit for a short time feeling the warmth grow. Now imagine that the warmth, or energy spreads from the Tan Tien into every part of the body.
Just sit now and feel the warmth, feeling refreshed and revitalised by the energy. This is simple exercise, which can be easily done and should take about 10 to 15 minutes. It can be done regularly, perhaps daily to help restore the body’s natural vitality and healing ability.