Absent Healing

Absent healing is a recognition that we are more than just a single physical being and that at some level we are all joined. We are aware of our physical, emotional and mental bodies but we gradually awaken to our spiritual existence too. We start to recognise that spiritually we are connected to all other beings and part of a single entity. It is a little bit like a table leg which sees itself as a separate legs and different from the other legs. Once the leg realises that it is also part of the table it realises that it is connected to all the other legs.

Because of this interconnection at a spiritual level we are able to go beyond our physical constraints. We can connect to others beyond the limitations of space and time. We do not need to be in the same place to give healing nor do we need to do it at the same time. At Reiki 2 we are gradually opening up to and accepting our spiritual self.

In Reiki, energy passes through us, from Spirit, to the person being healed.. This Spiritual energy is not just around us, it is within us and within all living things. It is as though this energy and the way it flows through things that we define something as living. It is one energy and all living things are part of it.
Absent healing uses this spiritual interconnection. The Reiki works by allowing this connection to take place, using our intent and facilitated by the Reiki guides and angels.

Absent healing helps us to open our mind up to our true spiritual nature and to the interconnectedness of all beings. As you experience the effect of absent healing allow yourself to open your mind to your true nature.

While we start to recognise and accept our connection to all living beings we need to respect others. We need to respect individuals right to remain separate and recognise that they still have separate physical, emotional and mental bodies. So you should not send absent healing without the permission of the receiver.