Being Reiki

Where Reiki 1 is primarily to do with physical healing and Reiki 2 with Mental and Emotional healing, we can think of Reiki Masters as spiritual level healing. Reiki Masters therefore is not in any way a completion but the start of deeper spiritual self awareness. It can be seen as bringing wholeness to what was started at Reiki 1. As with all aspects of spiritual growth, the further we proceed the simpler things become. Reiki Masters therefore can be seen as a return to simplicity.

Spiritual healing is about returning to what you already are. In reality there is nothing to complete, nothing to attain and nothing that you did not have already. It is not an end but a new beginning, a return to truth.

We often associate spirituality with spiritual seeking, looking for the secret clue which will unlock a door to a magical, mysterious world where everything is wonderful. Yet the very concept of seeking, undermines us, because what we are seeking we already have and it is not somewhere else but inside us. Enlightenment is where you are, where else could it be? You search for what you already are.

Your focus determines your reality. Where your awareness is, there you will be. Reiki Masters is living Reiki, being Reiki. We are Reiki. If you see Reiki as separate, something outside of yourself, it is an illusion. If your awareness is Reiki, then you will be Reiki. Be intimate with this moment, be Reiki, simply be.

You will not find spiritual truth in concepts, memories, fantasies, images, searching, and projections. You will not find it in more symbols, more systems, trademarks, businesses, arguments over whose system is “better”, “stronger”, “heals faster”, or is taught by the “best” teacher. If you are looking for Reiki as a business, spirit guides, more symbols, faster healing, secret symbols, hidden teachings, energy exchanges, crystals, arguments over who is “right” and whose way is “better”, you will not find them here. These are conditioning, duality, things.

Reiki is one of many ways of seeking truth, and that is healing. This is Reiki. This is why it works. The more you use Reiki, and be Reiki, the more the mental and emotional conditioning that veil awakening will be removed. Attunements do not equal enlightenment. Keep in mind that Reiki is in the doing and being. If what you are doing is not in oneness with Reiki, but rather focussing your conditioning, attachments to outcome, desires and ego then re-focus on simply being with Reiki and letting it be as it is.
There are many paths people take. Do not take the path, be the path. You are Reiki. In this moment realise it, and then express it. Whatever you do, do it as an expression of this. When you work, when you play, when you sit, and stand, you are awareness, you are Reiki, you are healing. In this your loving, peaceful and true nature will emerge. You heal. Do not do these for any goal, but simply for the sheer joy of it. Be Reiki because you love to be Reiki. Be Reiki as an expression of your being, your awareness. This is Reiki in practice, in being. It is living Reiki, being Reiki.