Gyoshi Ho

The Japanese word gyoshi means “staring.” In his handbook, Dr. Usui wrote that energy radiates from all parts of the body, mostly from the hands, eyes and breath of the initiate. We are accustomed to throw our energy through our eyes, but this technique teaches us to actually use it. In order to heal we must first relax our eyes and unfocus them. Staring is aggressive, and an aggressive look does not heal – it intrudes.

It may be useful to first practice this technique with an object such as a flower:
• Hold the flower in your hand or place it one or two feet away from you on a table at the height of your eyes. Unfocus your eyes by first relaxing them and then looking at the flower as if you were looking through it or behind it. After a moment, you will notice that your field of vision has become peripheral. You can now see almost 180 degrees!
• then look at the flower and let the image come to you, instead of sending the arrows of your visual attention toward it. After a while, you may become aware of a very subtle form of breathing that happens through your eyes, connected with the inhalation and exhalation. Practice the exercise for ten minutes every day until you feel comfortable using it to treat a human.

Here are the instruction for healing with your eyes:
• for a few minutes, look with soft focus at the body part you want to treat. While you look at the other person, let the image of the individual enter you eyes instead of actively looking at him or her. Notice how a circle of energy between you and the other person is created when you let the energy of this individual enter your eyes. You may want to project the Reiki symbols onto the part of the body you want to treat.

For those of you who enjoy the technique and would like to experiment further, you can practice the following Hindu meditation technique called Trutak:
• sit in a comfortable position with back straight but relaxed. Fix your gaze at a candle for two minutes, your gaze and attention should remain fully fixed on the candle. If your attention wanders, effects, gently bring your focus back to the flame
• After two minutes, close your eyes and place your palms over them. Retain the image of the flame. Concentrate fully on that image for three minutes, and do not allow the flame to waver. If the image fades, re-manifest it by an intensified visualisation effort. If you are still unable to re-manifest it open your eyes and fix your gaze on the candle once more, briefly, then continue palming.

Gyoshi-Ho: Healing with the Eyes

1. Look at a flower and let the image come to you
2. Focus at the body part you want to treat for some minutes. While you look at the other person, let the image of the other individual enter your eyes instead of actively looking at him or her.