Living Reiki

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” Buddha

Each has to be guided in their own way of living and representing Reiki, not to slavishly follow others, but simply to take from others what feels right for you and, most importantly, to let Reiki guide you in the direction that is most natural and is most beneficial to others. When I began my Reiki training I never thought, dreamed or believed that I would become a teacher of Reiki and I think that most Reiki 3 practitioners feel the same.

Some have the impression that Reiki 3 is about beautiful, spiritual, other worldly experiences as we activate our upper chakras and contact our higher self on another plane of existence. If that is what you desire it can be experienced but it can be just another distraction, another way of avoiding our issues, just another selfish high.

One of the greatest obstacles to spiritual realisation is pride. We may feel that we are someone important, that we possess knowledge or power that others do not, that others look up to us or that we are more advanced, living on a higher plane etc. Pride quickly destroys any spiritual attainments. If we are humble and try always to feel like a beginner and have a mind that is open to learning from others, then everyone is our spiritual guide and every day is an opportunity to receive blessings and teachings. The best way to overcome pride is to always regard others as special and to genuinely feel that we are in their service.

Always dedicate your work for the benefit of all. Always feel like a servant and you will become a true master. We are to live, breathe and be Reiki. That is what makes the difference between one Reiki master and another. Not all ‘live’ the Reiki they profess to practice.

Because the divine essence resides within us we ‘become’ the Reiki energy and symbols that we are attuned to. We don’t just ‘use’ the symbols or the Reiki energy whenever we choose to, or when we consider it needed or appropriate. We are the Reiki energy and the symbols – ALWAYS. Reiki is like a prayer providing a direct link between you and your Creator / Source. It comes from the heart. Imagine the possibility of being consciously one with Source forever.

Practised correctly advanced Reiki is about facing yourself, looking within, moving down through the chakras and dealing with your stuff, reducing selfishness, impatience, ignorance while at the same time developing love, compassion, empathy, patience and wisdom.

We can do this for ourselves, for our own benefit or by changing our mental intention or motivation we can do it for every sentient being. This reversal of motivation is very special, very powerful and the effects can be phenomenal.

The special spiritual experiences many people seek are ironically a natural by-product of this path of inner healing. Great spiritual teachers such as Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama all teach the path of compassion, empathy and love. They realised ‘oneness’ with source. Through Reiki, meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices we can also develop compassion wisdom and realisation of oneness with Source.

An illumined mind has directly experienced ‘perfect unity’, not as a concept but as a real tangible experience, and has realised the futility of forgiving anything or anyone outside itself. There is nothing to forgive because there is no one outside you to forgive. This is the moment you choose to remember who you are. Nothing is important, but this. Your forgiveness is the path that leads you to this moment.