Reiki 2

One of the major developments in health care in the past 30 years has been the introduction of eastern ideas into western thought. Common themes run throughout these eastern principles. First is that the body and the mind form a single entity and cannot be treated separately. Second is the emphasis on harmony, balance and integration within this entity. These factors are not merely important to good health and a happy life, they are the very foundation of them. A third theme is the necessity of inner awareness and the fostering of those practices which address a person’s internal environment. These include how to quiet the mind, clear and organize the body, and integrate the two into one well functioning whole.

Reiki can address specific symptoms, promote greater harmony, balance and integration within the body and a better relationship – less scattered or chaotic – between the mind and body. Often it brings an experience of expanded awareness which enables greater peace, stillness and order. Clients often find significantly improved feelings of well being on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. Often enabling their lives to move forward more smoothly. When our bodies or our minds are disturbed we are not integrated. Healing involves replacing that disturbance with a return to wholeness.

In healing, awakening universal forces will conspire to throw off anything in the physical world which encumbers progress in spiritual advancement. As you work with healing energies you become more and more aware that there is a consciousness at work, a consciousness from a higher source. As you work with energy, so the energy will work with you. It will work to unfold your dormant abilities and bring you more fully into a state of expanded awareness. The energy will ultimately connect your own consciousness with the consciousness of the universal or God consciousness.

Reiki is the key that allows you to take responsibility for your own healing and at the second degree you are given more tools to help this. Reiki opens you to your own healing powers, helping you become ready to accept illness or problems in your life and to understand their messages. Reiki 2 also helps you to have the courage to change things in your life that you would like to change. It is for people who, having received Reiki 1 and worked with the energy, wish to go further and are now ready to take responsibility for their own healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki 2 is primarily concerned with the cleansing of the emotional and mental bodies. Unresolved mental issues may resurface in order to be finally resolved and healed. Thoughts and patterns repeat themselves until you resolve them. Be positive and welcome any issue as an opportunity to heal or understand yourself more deeply. Remember …you chose the path, it wasn’t forced on you ..or was it?
As with Reiki 1 it is important to practice self healing before working with others and you should work on your own mental and emotional well being before using the mental and emotional healing for others. The emphasis is on your own healing first. An unhealed healer can never be an effective channel for the healing of others.

Channelling healing energy means presenting yourself as a channel or conduit for the energy to flow through, keeping your own consciousness, energy and ego out of the equation. This is easier said than done, it is natural for the aspiring healer to work with the mind and to push the energy a little if they think that little or nothing is happening. You may than push your own energy into the client and become depleted yourself. Visualise a pipe, water merely flows, without any force pushing or interfering. This is how Reiki should flow. At Reiki 2 blockages to the flow of energy are released, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

In order to bring about healing we need access to energy, the healer does not heal, the body heals itself. The healer is facilitating an energy to the client which their body may be able to use in its own healing. The energy carries a consciousness, a blueprint and a cleansing pattern which the whole being can use to detoxify, cleanse, balance and realign itself at a subtle energy level. When all life force energy is once again flowing as and where it should, healing takes place and the body has healed itself.

Reiki 2 provides energy which brings advancement for you and is also very powerful in its application when working with others, particularly at the metal and emotional level. The symbols help clients to deal with their mental and emotional issues. You owe it to yourself and the people you work with to gain a good deal of healing experience, and to continue to develop and grow.

At the second degree you receive two further attunements to the Reiki energy which increases and enhances the healing energy flowing through you. It is important that you have practised using the Reiki energy so that you are ready for the increased energy. At Reiki 2 the energy becomes much more powerful, multiplying at least four fold.

You are introduced to Reiki symbols which Dr. Usui received. You are given three Reiki symbols and you will be taught how to use them for absentee healing and for mental and emotional healing.

By taking Reiki 2 you are undertaking to continue with your own personal development, but you are also able to start to take more responsibility for healing the earth. To assist you in this process we will introduce you to Reiki meditation, which will assist you in understanding yourself more deeply and will facilitate sending peace and healing to the world.