Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki master is a significant step in your personal development. Firstly by becoming a Reiki master it is a commitment, a commitment to yourself. You are saying, I am committed to my own self healing, no longer will I play the game of illusion blaming others for my anger, pain, disillusion etc. I will not transfer the responsibility of my lack of well being, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual onto anyone else. Reiki is one important tool of this commitment to take on responsibility for yourself.

Secondly, master means teacher. Teaching Reiki is not only about the passing on of Reiki attunements and the learning that goes with it, it is about teaching others through your own development and expressing your truth in everything that you do. Your whole life becomes your class. You teach by naturally radiating your light in your every thought, word and action.

Thirdly, for the Tibetan Buddhists, the Reiki symbols are tools to help them to reach enlightenment. Your Reiki masters attunement gives you access to these symbols and through meditation on them, can assist you in the further opening and awareness of your higher Divine nature.

Reiki masters training includes two major aspects of Reiki, attunement to the higher, more refined, Reiki masters energy and teaching in how to pass on Reiki attunements. At Reiki masters you will be given two further attunements to the Reiki energy and will be given three additional symbols, for use in healing and passing attunements.

Master in this use of the word means teacher and one aspect of becoming a Reiki master is taking on the responsibility of passing on the Reiki energy, if you are inspired to. At Reiki Masters you will taught how to pass on attunements and will be given the opportunity to pass an attunement. You will also be given guidance on running your own Reiki workshop. As with all our Reiki attunements we offer continued support as you take Reiki out into the world.

What is a Reiki master?
Being a Reiki master is not something special. It means that you are committed to your personal development, healing the planet and passing on the Reiki energy, not for any material reason but for the benefit it brings to mankind. It is also a commitment to reaching the highest level of achievement, in a spiritual sense, for yourself. That is learning to know and experience your true self, which could be described as your Buddha or Christ nature, and using that knowledge for the benefit of mankind. The symbols that you are being given have deep significance in Buddhist teaching and some of the essence of that teaching is important for your continued growth.

– A Reiki master is a vehicle to assist others back into their own harmony, so that together we can co-create peace in our world. A master is support for all who choose this journey of self discovery and return to wholeness.

– A Reiki master is someone who supports and stands besides students as they enter in to their own relationship with the energy.

– A Reiki master is committed to healing themselves, others, including animals, and the planet.

– A Reiki master endeavours to live in peace and to radiate peace and love in their lives. They take responsibility for their words, thoughts and actions, and have a commitment to their personal growth.

– A master owes it to the gift and lineage of Reiki not to dilute the title. Honour the process and gift by devoting time effort and energy to your practice. Dedicate your life to passing on the knowledge with integrity and love.

– There is no such thing as an ideal Reiki master, everyone must explore their own inner potential.

As with all the Reiki healing that you have used so far, it is important to remember, that passing attunements is no different, in that it is not you passing the attunements, you are merely allowing the Reiki to work through you to pass the attunement. Your intent is paramount here, intend sincerely, to be a humble, pure channel through which the energy is transmitted, the Reiki angels and guides will do the rest.

Being Reiki
Where Reiki 1 is primarily to do with physical healing and Reiki 2 with Mental and Emotional healing, we can think of Reiki Masters as spiritual level healing. Reiki Masters therefore is not in any way a completion but the start of deeper spiritual self awareness. It can be seen as bringing wholeness to what was started at Reiki 1. As with all aspects of spiritual growth, the further we proceed the simpler things become. Reiki Masters therefore can be seen as a return to simplicity.

Spiritual healing is about returning to what you already are. In reality there is nothing to complete, nothing to attain and nothing that you did not have already. It is not an end but a new beginning, a return to truth.

We often associate spirituality with spiritual seeking, looking for the secret clue which will unlock a door to a magical, mysterious world where everything is wonderful. Yet the very concept of seeking, undermines us, because what we are seeking we already have and it is not somewhere else but inside us. Enlightenment is where you are, where else could it be? You search for what you already are.

Your focus determines your reality. Where your awareness is, there you will be. Reiki Masters is living Reiki, being Reiki. We are Reiki. If you see Reiki as separate, something outside of yourself, it is an illusion. If your awareness is Reiki, then you will be Reiki. Be intimate with this moment, be Reiki, simply be.

You will not find spiritual truth in concepts, memories, fantasies, images, searching, and projections. You will not find it in more symbols, more systems, trademarks, businesses, arguments over whose system is “better”, “stronger”, “heals faster”, or is taught by the “best” teacher. If you are looking for Reiki as a business, spirit guides, more symbols, faster healing, secret symbols, hidden teachings, energy exchanges, crystals, arguments over who is “right” and whose way is “better”, you will not find them here. These are conditioning, duality, things.

Reiki is one of many ways of seeing truth, and that is healing. This is Reiki. This is why it works. The more you use Reiki, and be Reiki, the more the mental and emotional conditioning that veil awakening will be removed. Attunements do not equal enlightenment. Keep in mind that Reiki is in the doing and being. If what you are doing is not in oneness with Reiki, but rather focussing your conditioning, attachments to outcome, desires and ego then re-focus on simply being with Reiki and letting it be as it is.

There are many paths people take. Do not take the path, be the path. You are Reiki. In this moment realise it, and then express it. Whatever you do, do it as an expression of this. When you work, when you play, when you sit, and stand, you are awareness, you are Reiki, you are healing. In this your loving, peaceful and true nature will emerge. You heal. Do not do these for any goal, but simply for the sheer joy of it. Be Reiki because you love to be Reiki. Be Reiki as an expression of your being, your awareness. This is Reiki in practice, in being. It is living Reiki, being Reiki.