Reiki Meditation

Although Reiki is primarily known, in the Western world, as a method of healing, there is a strand of Reiki that concentrates on personal development and reaching enlightenment.

When the Reiki symbols were shown to Tibetan monks, they recognised them, not as healing symbols but as aids to enlightenment. Their view was that some of their knowledge of healing the physical body had been lost as they concentrated on the healing the soul.

This simple meditation combines the use of the Reiki symbols with a chakra meditation. The meditation is primarily aimed at Reiki masters because it includes the symbols presented at the Masters attunement. However, the meditation can be used with Reiki II but should not extend beyond the heart chakra.

The meditation is aimed at opening and developing the chakras, the body’s energy centres. The objective is to raise the body’s vibrations and raise the level of consciousness, improving your connection to the universal energy source.

The relationship between the chakras and the Reiki symbols is as follows:

Power symbol – relates to the second chakra sometimes referred to as the Tan Tien in Chinese or the Hara. The second chakra is the source of power in the body. In Yoga, Tai Chi and martial arts this is where energy is stored. Power in martial arts comes from this centre. The second centre is located in the centre of the body about three fingers width below the belly button.

Mental and Emotional symbol – relates to the third centre or the solar plexus. The third chakra is recognised as the emotional centre in the body.

Distant Healing symbol – relates to the fourth centre, the heart chakra. The heart is where we send out love. When healing, it is from the heart that we recognise the purity of those we heal. If we are healing others we do so with an open loving heart and transmit that love to those that we heal.

Master Symbol – relates to the fifth centre at the throat. This is the centre for communication and also of creativity. Master in the context of Reiki means teacher, i.e. someone who will teach others in the ways of Reiki healing.

Raku Symbol – relates to the sixth centre or third eye. The Raku symbol in Buddhism represents the appearance of the Buddah or Goddess within the self. It also represents release from the body and the illusion of the material world. The Raku can be drawn either upwards or downwards. Upwards it reaches up to the higher spiritual nature, downwards it is grounding.

There are no Reiki symbols which relates to the first, the base, or seventh, the crown, centres. During the meditation the base centre connects you to earth energy.

The crown chakra is most important and each Reiki master should seek their own guidance as to which symbol to use. The meditation presented here uses the Om symbol at the crown chakra. This is very much personal guidance and other symbols may be more appropriate for you.

– Preparation
Ideally the meditation will be done in a seated position, but can be done lying down or standing if preferred. For simplicity it will be assumed for this description that you will be seated. Make yourself comfortable and check your physical posture. The back should be straight, the body relaxed, arms comfortably resting on your thighs or in your lap and the tongue should be resting on the roof of the mouth.

Establish the breath. Observe your breathing. You should breathe in and out slowly to the second centre. Ideally as you breathe in the stomach should expand and contract again as you breathe out, but it is most important for the breathe to be comfortable and as slow as possible.

– Opening
Imagine yourself sitting on a lotus flower. This establishes your connection to Earth energy. As you breathe in imagine the breath travelling up your spine and up through your crown centre to a light above you, as you breathe out imagine the breath coming down the front of the body back to the base centre. Do this a few times, say 3 or 6, gradually tuning in and relaxing.

Put the arms to the side to form a triangle. Raise your hands up to the light above your crown. Bring the light down to each chakra in turn, breathing in the light at each chakra, breathing out as you come down to the next chakra. After the base chakra, once again bring your hands to your side, forming a triangle. See yourself in a pyramid of golden light and ask for protection from your guides.

– Meditation
Bring your mind to the Tan Tien and visualise the Power symbol in the chakra. Take at least three breaths at the chakra saying to yourself the name of the symbol as you breathe in. Continue at the Tan Tien until you feel the need to move on. For guidance this should be at least 9 breaths.

Repeat the above process at the Solar Plexus, this time using the Mental and emotional symbol.

Repeat again at the Heart using the distant healing symbol. Once you have repeated the name of the symbol to yourself then raise your hands to the heart level, palms upwards and the arms open (as though holding a large bowl). Here give thanks to your Reiki guides for their guidance, their support and their love. For Reiki II students the meditation should stay at the heart. Either feeling love, peace and joy at the heart or by sending out healing energy from the heart to individuals and extending it to the whole world.

For Reiki Masters the meditation can be extended to the higher chakras, but initially only a short time should be spent at each chakra.

Repeat the process at the throat, using the master symbol.

Repeat again at the third eye, using the Raku symbol. The Raku should be drawn upwards in the chakra, to raise the spirit. Remember when closing the Raku must be drawn downwards.

The process can also be repeated at the crown chakra. Here place the Om symbol in the crown and repeat the Om sound internally as you breathe. Other symbols can be used here depending on your personal guidance.

Once all the centres are open continue to sit for as long as comfortable with the mind still or focussed on the heart centre.

– Closing
When ready return you mind to the Tan Tien. Form a triangle and then raise the hands up to the crown. Breathing out and repeating the opening process but this time with the intent of closing. At each chakra as you breathe in again visualise the Reiki symbol for that chakra. Remember that the Raku is drawn downwards when closing. When used this way the Raku is grounding. At the heart, bow to give thanks to the Reiki Guides.