Reiki Principles

These are the Reiki principles as they appear on the grave of Dr. Usui and in his handbook. We have included an approxiamte pronunciation so that they can be chanted.

Kyo dake wa (kjoh dakeh wah) – Just for today

Okulu-na (okaru-nah) – don’t get angry

Shinpai suna (shin-pie sue-nah) – don’t worry

Kansha shite (kansha she-the) – be grateful

Goo hage me (gyo-o-hage me) – work hard

Hito ni shinsetsu ni (heeto knee shin-set-tzu knee)
– be kind to others

When we chant them we can use the english or japanese pronunciation but allow the meaning to reverberate within. If you would like to hear the Japanese pronunciation you can find it at

The following is a version of the principles as written by Dr. Usui which has been translated an appears in Frank Arjava Petter’s book The Legacy of Dr. Usui.

The secret method of inviting happiness
The wonderful medicine for all diseases

Just today:
Do not get angry
Do not worry
Show appreciation
Work hard
Be kind to others

Mornings and evenings, sit in the
Gassho position and repeat these words
out loud and in your heart.
For the improvement of body and soul,
Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method

The Founder, Mikao Usui