Reiki Symbols

We all are used to symbols. Words and letters are merely symbols, which are put together to express a meaning or an image. They provide us with a means to access something, but they are not the thing itself, merely a representation of it. For example, the word God, is just a symbol, to represent an idea, a thought and a belief. It is not God itself, yet by using the imagery the word creates and the sound of the word, it can create the experience that it represents.

The Reiki symbols are like this. They are not the energy that they access, but they are triggers to allow us to access that energy. These triggers are placed inside you at the Reiki 1 initiation. So the triggers are there, ready to be activated. At Reiki 2 you become consciously aware of these triggers and therefore are able to more consciously activate them. Each trigger has a purpose and a different energy to it, this is activated by using the symbol and saying its name. The more you use the symbol the more easily you are able to trigger the energy and its purpose.

Each of the Reiki symbols has a name in the form of a mantra. A mantra is a sound, word or phrase, which is usually chanted in a repetitive, rhythmical manner in order to create a vibration. This vibration can then unlock aspects of consciousness and bring the person into a higher state of communion with their spiritual self, or bring about a connection with God – consciousness.

Symbols and mantras are used in almost all spiritual traditions, for meditation, personal development, healing and energy work. When the Reiki symbols are imparted correctly within the scope of the Reiki initiation we can rely on them as precise powerful tools of energy work.

The symbols and mantras intensify Reiki and let it be manifested more intensely on the level of material reality. They direct the flow of the Universal life force into specific vibrational levels or areas of a living being’s energy system.

A deeper understanding of the symbols and mantras helps us to use Reiki as a spiritual path and shape it in a way that is appropriate to our own personal nature. We could say that the symbols and mantras are the key to the palace gates.

Respect – Not Pretense of Piety
The symbols and mantras are tools that can be used, with the appropriate initiation, within the scope of the Reiki system. The inner child (the body consciousness responsible for the practical, directly applicable esoteric abilities, the true emotions and the memory) judges the importance of a matter, with which someone is involved, according to the attentiveness and love that is practised in the process, and the respect shown. So when the symbols and mantras are used with mindfulness, love and respect, our inner child knows that these are important things, pays more attention to them and reacts accordingly. Furthermore, it can, more easily, grasp the traditional essence of the symbols and mantras, to which the rational mind has very little access, through this type of approach.

Private – Not Secret
Due to their availability, through books and via the internet, the symbols can no longer be considered secret. However, it is still appropriate to keep them private and treat them with respect. It is not appropriate to decorate postcards, business cards, T shirts etc. with them. The more clearly they are reserved for healing work and for personal growth, the more we treat them with respect, the better our inner child will understand their meaning, consequently, it can use them more effectively within the scope of conscious energy work with Reiki. When we approach the symbols and mantras with the right attitude of consciousness, we will quickly develop a personal relationship with them. Then we can increasingly perceive and experience their qualities.

In addition to the technical knowledge about their function this consciousness work is an important key to the essential spiritual significance of these tools. In any application, they will not only fulfill their function but also evoke their associated Spirits to the person using Reiki. This will increase the vibration of the individual’s being and improve their intuition. So the signs teach in a way that is scarcely comprehended by the rational mind yet definitely can be verified through the respective person’s experience in terms of effective personal growth.

Activating the Symbols
In order to activate the symbols

1. Intend to use them

2. Draw them out in the air with your hand. This can be done using an imaginary beam of light from the palm chakra or by using the middle finger, known as the fire finger. You can also draw them with your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

3. Draw it with the hand over the walls of the room, over the person being treated or over yourself, depending on how you are using it.

4. Just visualise them. Traditionally the symbols were visualised as purple or violet, in practice they may appear in a myriad of colours. Trust that whatever colour appears is appropriate.