A Message from the Land of Peace

In June Marilia Blackburn visited the Land of Peace project in Brazil and joined Gustavo in his daily walk around the mountain to energise the project.

He has sent this message :

“To all of you friends of the Land of Peace in UK I would like to express my deepest gratitude. I am aware through our friend Marilia of all the efforts all of you have being doing to help us. This is a universal programme, it is located in Brazil, but it is not dedicated to Brazilians alone, but the whole of humanity. We want to create here a peaceful place for people of all religions, to get together to know each other, to understand and discover common values. Values that may create harmony among us, may bring friendship, respect and a consciousness that all of us, from different faiths, from different races ,countries and cultures, aim to one single and only truth. Nowadays the only country outside Brazil where there is a group of friends of the project of the Land of Peace is UK. I have never been with all of you. I know about you through what our friend Marilia told me. Neither have you met with me, only through what she has told you. Nevertheless, there is a bond between us, something that unites us. I firmly hope, one day, all of you can come to the Land of Peace and walk in prayer around the mountain, together with me. But I also firmly hope that I myself will visit you in England and share with you walking around a mountain, that will teach us in your country as this mountain now is teaching us here in Brazil. I firmly hope that in the near future we will be together because we have been together through friendship in the Land of peace. Namaste”

by Marilia Blackburn and Gustavo