Blessed Be

I am that which I am. The light of the world, boundless and free, limitless purity. I am the joy that rings with laughter, a serene and graceful song of love. I am the peaceful flowing stream, an aura of radiant shimmering light that shines for all. Heaven shines within me now. Heaven is a state of mind. The sacred heart of the Christ light shines within me. Unfolding my wings of love I soar through the cloudless sky of serenity. Enthralled by the majestic beauty of life, I am God’s treasure, a jewel within God’s heart. God is my treasure the very essence of my life, that holds me within a haven of peace. Dance with me children of light we are one eternally.

Limit me not with a name. Bound me not in roles. Chain me not to this world. See me not as a body. I am not Teresa, know me for who I am. I live in eternity. There is no world of time. I was never born, nor can I die. There is no old age, where life will forsake me and turn me to dust. I am in eternity now. I am spirit, dwelling in the heart of God. My home is in heaven. Heaven is here now, within and all around. I have been dreaming an earth dream, until the call of life awakened me. Do you need me to be your mother, your sister, daughter, aunty or friend. I will love you, but chain me not to your roles, for I am the will of God and God calls me to rise beyond the ordinary vision of life. To climb high up to the summit and to be a light within the darkness. God gave me wings to fly, to a limitless ocean of love, where no one is special and all are loved with the same tenderness. See me not as a body and set yourself free.

by Teresa Larkins