Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals are reflections of the beauty within ourselves

My whole world is inside me
Deep within my body spins the Universe
Golden and sparkling with light

My light radiates out
And burns bright within
Outside reflects inside
Inside reflects outside

Strength internal
Strength external

People are guided to crystals, particularly children – it is natural for a child to pick up a pebble on the beach and marvel at its uniqueness and beauty. Crystals are so easily available to everyone, I’ve even seen them in what looks like the old “gobstopper machines” in our local garden centre and like gobstoppers children may want to put them into their mouth. At one particular stage in attuning to the Crystal Kingdom, I too wanted to put a crystal in my mouth – maybe to attain a “homeopathic dose” of the minerals contained within the crystals body. In adult years I was drawn to crystals through dreams. We are drawn to what we need at a very deep level. Most of us are drawn to the beautiful colours and markings and just gazing at crystals gives one a feeling of wonderment and joy. Some crystals feel very comforting to hold and seem to warm very quickly in our hands and some feel like ice, some pulsate or tingle – these are all signs that we are communicating with them at a deep level.

Your hands and eyes are very sensitive to the vibration of the crystal because you have small energy centres in both. You may just “know” which is the right crystal for you or the person you are buying the crystal for, or you may tune in and ask spirit at a conscious level.

After buying/receiving your crystal it is a good idea to clear it. This may be done in a variety of ways – fire, water, earth, air, spirit. What I have found for quartz especially is that using mineral/distilled water and sea salt solution makes the quartz “sparkle”. I usually rinse the crystal after being in the salt, and say – if I think it needs it “I cleanse this crystal with love, light and divine reiki”. Another method is putting the crystals in 2 glass bowls with salt inbetween so the salt does not touch the crystals at all (this is especially good for some crystals eg celestite(mine is on a crumbly base). Angelite (anhydrite), selenite and malachite are other crystals that are approprate for this method of cleansing. The malachite can lose its lustre, the angelite and selenite can have their water content taken out , the angelite also loses its colour. – I know through experience!!!! Recently I have used incense to clear the crystals and I like to give them a treat sometimes and rest them in a box with lavender/rose petals/rosemary. Some say bury them in earth but I prefer not to as next doors cat uses our garden for a loo – not pleasant!!! You can bring golden light through the crown chakra and breathe across the crystals surface. Sometimes I tap, or flick them – particularly after using a crystal a pendulum. You can surround the crystal with tea lights or pass them through a flame but I haven’t practised this, as it hasn’t really appealed to me or the occasion hasn’t arisen yet!

Resting the Crystals over night on a large amethyst cluster is good but you have to remember to clear the amethyst cluster, this too I know by experience. I remember the thought had passed through my mind to cleanse the large cluster I have in the living room but I got sidetracked – as you do and it fell and marked the newly laid laminate flooring – ah well!!!!! Crystals really do have to be cared for as respectfully as you would care for any other living thing.

The crystals you are working with will also need to be cleared, especially after other people have worked with them. You will get to know when they need clearing. For me, I usually know, but sometimes, even before getting the chance to cleanse the crystal it will fall onto the floor. If the crystal is on a necklace the clasp may not fasten or break or you may feel repelled by it in some way or the piece may fall to the floor. Falling to the ground clears the crystal energetically.

Crystals are here now as our guides and helpers and working with them not only helps us to evolve but also helps them. They seem to want to be shared with others, particularly children and other like-minded souls.. Crystals are often linked to magic and the occult and people may feel somewhat in awe of their perfection and beauty. They definitely have a place in our healing system for the benefit of our body/mind/spirit. They are our companions on “The journey”.

There is much to learn from our crystal cousins about working in harmony with each other and invoking the light of the universe.
By Julie Parry