Earths Prayer

Belief leads to feelings, on which we act. The beliefs are different. The actions to which those beliefs lead, are even more diverse. But the feelings – of reverence, awe, wonder, love, humility, and of the absolute rightness of ‘our’ particular form of spiritual expression – are, at root, the same. This is the place of connection for all.

Earth’s Prayer stands on the cusp of what I was taught as a child and what I came to believe. It retains the ‘sound-alike’ rhythms grooved into my brain in childhood. It moves into a personal evolved belief system which, naturally, I feel is absolutely right.

Earth’s Prayer is an overview that works on many levels.

1 It honours the tradition of all belief systems – prayer.
2 It honours the specific religious tradition of Christianity.
3 It offers a practical down-to-earth sense of oneness.
4 It does not promote elitism of religious belief; rather a sense of a shared spirituality.
5 It is a true reflection of the sharing of our physical life on Earth.
6 It encourages us to take responsibility for the miracle of life on Planet Earth in the goldilocks zone.
7 Irrespective of culture, creed or childhood conditioning, it restores sacredness to the Earth on which we all depend.

(Set to the intonation of The Lord’s Prayer)

Our Gaia, whose art is nature –
abode of our life,
the time has come, your battle won
for people’s planet-consciousness.
Teach us each day, how to be and live
through observing nature’s models.
Those models that bring us into harmony
and not into conflict with life’s source.
Home to humanity
in sacred diversity.
Deities in unity,
our dream.

Our Gaia, whose heart feeds all creatures
alive on this Earth.
Attuned to that flow, our knowledge grows
of what interdependence means.
Show us this day a new way to be –
Born guardians of future life
In a heart-based nature with nature at its heart.
Our new role in life to honour,
respect and protect, share in the caring
to sustain the planet.
Their destiny our own,

Our Gaia, as a part of you
Your kingdom empowers, your will is ours.
Give us, this day, new eyes to see
Eyes that embrace the whole world and not just me.
A metamorphosis.
The land, like our bodies,
The sun our inner fire,
Rivers, life-blood of earth.
Parallel universe,
this miracle of life,

Any one religion restricts, channels, forms, tweaks our human way of seeing and allows anomalies, discordances, mismatches, to persist, live on. (Which promote, albeit unconsciously, fragmented or compartmentalised thinking.) Oneness has to be the start-point because that is the reality. To re-create a coherent vibrational field, a sense of oneness, to heal ourselves and the Earth is surely an upcoming agenda?

I never ‘lost my faith’ in the miracle of all existence. I simply re-positioned Christianity as one form of spiritual expression and found it fitted better into an overall overview of multi-religions. What else can promote wholeness? Peace? Harmony?

For the future of our species, homo sapiens, nothing is more important than the ecosystem.

Anne Palmer