Energy Practice

Sometimes, trying to explain what you are doing when meditating or practicing energy exercises is quite a challenge. Its as if there is a gulf of understanding between yourself and the other person. In truth, this gap can only be filled by personal experience, but how do you begin to bridge that gap if people are uncertain about trying something new?

To a certain extent, we live in a proof led culture; we want to be given proof before we will open ourselves up to new experiences. Many things are debased in the media because they are not understood and this has a powerful influence on people’s lives. Fortunately, the tide is turning. Based on the latest discoveries in physics, stemming from quantum reality research, scientific writers are starting to piece together an understanding of the universe and our place within it, which includes a medium that connects all living things, a connective fabric out of which all matter and life come into being. Renowned physicist, David Bohm, who worked with Einstein, calls this the implicate order out of which the explicate order unfolds. His ideas are slowly influencing other scientist’s perceptions about the possible nature of reality. He also suggests that the universe is like a hologram, whereby every part of the hologram also has a reference to every other part of the hologram within it, or, at a very deep level, every part of the universe has a reference to every other part of the universe within it, creating an interconnected fabric. Other researchers, in many fields, are working with these ideas and building upon them.

Similar work includes study of something called the Zero Point Field. The ZPF is the baseline energy level throughout the universe, always vibrating, that again provides a connective fabric that binds everything together into the whole. The scientific proof for the ZPF is so strong that the US Government has been actively researching it and there is a research prize for anyone building a device to extract energy from it, as it is believed that the ZPF could be a source of almost limitless energy. So slowly but surely, these ideas are beginning to penetrate into the long standing scientific beliefs that everything is separate, like billiard balls moving around a snooker table, rather than interconnected and part of a whole.

So, we are starting to see popular works that summarise these ideas, together with other research that has been done during the last 100 years, to build the understanding and to get these ideas out into wider society. By putting research into its proper context a bigger picture is emerging, so no longer can evidence be swept under the table as anomalies. As it gathers pace, people start to take notice and a movement begins. Good examples of this type of book are: The Field by Lynne McTaggart, Entangled Minds by Dean Radin , The Holographic Universe by Micheal Talbot , and there are others.

It encourages me, with my own energy work, that a new understanding is beginning to emerge within the scientific community, one not so hostile towards the personal inner research done by the Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, and many other community’s over the last several thousand years. As this movement expands into wider society, into the media, there will start to be a convergence of understanding and language between east and west. This has already started to happen within the health & healing field, where we see acupuncture and other similar modalities being integrated into the mainstream culture.

So going back to the beginning, how do you begin to bridge the gap between yourself and other people who are unsure about getting involved with energy work? Well, one way is to reassure them about the growing scientific acceptance and understanding of energy work, and that there is now a scientific basis for a connective medium between all living things. Also science is beginning to see the universe as a sea of energy, even within seemingly empty space, out of which matter and living things are constructed. The eastern cultures have names for this energy: Chi or Prana. People who are dismissive of energy work will usually start to listen at that point. They may not agree, but at least there is a common ground of understanding between you, insomuch that you are starting to communicate in scientific terms.

Why wait 100 years for science to make deeper inroads into this understanding? Off course you can’t wait that long, but you don’t need to – it can be done today. Next step, personal experience using tried and tested techniques: Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga and Meditation.

by Cam Braidwood