Experiences of Light

This, I am inspired to share with people, its taken from the writings about my life, about how my psychic centres were burst open through drug abuse and how I am slowly and gently balancing myself back into everyday, normal waking reality, and most importantly how I saw Jeshua and disbelieved the vision before me, however the greatest gift was in meeting like minded people who have supported me all the way back on my healing pathway; my Christ connection, realising, of course that the love of the Christ or God within us all can save us, is not be feared as we can so easily choose to believe, is an end to all suffering, and such a beautiful, graceful and joyous experience, bringing peace and enlightenment. I eventually found I was in a safe enough place inside of myself to connect in with Jeshua Ben Joseph once again, and as soon as I saw his face again, this is what was given to me to write :

When I open my eyes I see your face smiling at me.

I see the Boundless Universe in your eyes, the Mysteries of Magic

beyond time and space reality.

The Dark Cosmic Brilliance which holds

the Great Mysteries of Light, enflamed,

within the power of thyne own Soul.

I hope this small piece will touch others as it still does to me today, and fills me with the deepest gratitude.

by Paula Wilson