Horizontal Angels

Horizontal angels is a way of working with Angels, ascended masters, bodhisattvas, and incarnations of Gods which also helps us to develop understanding of the Oneness of all things. Spirituality challenges the way we view the world, but sometimes our spiritual practice can reinforce our sense of separation rather than wholeness. Thinking about angels horizontally, rather than vertically helps us to recognise that the qualities of the angels are already within us.

As we develop in the Oneness, qualities grow; strength and courage, healing, guarding and protecting, love and compassion. These qualities are inherent within us, but are not always fully apparent. We may be aware of them sometimes, but they do not always seem wholly accessible. When we are unable to access a quality that we need we can call upon angels, ascended masters, Bodhisattvas, Gods or incarnations of God. In most religious traditions, through prayer, meditation, offerings or religious ceremony people call on these supporters when they need assistance. They are very real, they are tangible and many feel their presence.

Yet as we go deeper into our spiritual nature we learn that nothing is separate from us, nothing is outside. These supporters are not separate from us. To keep them separate in some way is to deny the truth that is within us. The angels are us and we are the angels. In spiritual development we do not want to deny the angels but we need to change what we see as our relationship with them. We can see them as outside, call upon their assistance, but we will then always be separate and apart. Alternatively, we can call upon their assistance within us. We can call upon their quality that is within and bring it to the fore as and when we need it. We can recognise the quality that is inherent within us through the angels. We ask Archangel Michael for our strength and courage. We ask the guardian angel for our ability to guard and protect. We ask Archangel Raphael for the ability to heal.

As we develop the qualities within us become more apparent. We can, at all times, call upon these qualities. These qualities are always there but we were not aware of them. When we are not able to access that quality within us the we call upon the angel to bring us that quality when we need it. When we are aware of that quality already we do not need to bring in an angel to provide it for us. But all the qualities of holiness are already within us, all the qualities of angels are within. As we seek to eradicate all sense of separateness from God those that assist and help us also need to be understood. The angels, archangels, ascended masters, bodhisattvas are not outside but within.

We think in a different way to God. We think vertically, God thinks horizontally. We think individualistically, God thinks totally. We are not trying to deny anything, but to change the way in which we see ourselves. Firstly we are trying to acknowledge that the qualities of holiness are already within us, even though we cannot always access them. We are also acknowledging that we are part of the oneness, not in reality separate at all.

We see ourselves as separate individuals who can connect to a different place above us where holy beings reside. We feel that we can call upon these for help and assistance. At an absolute level these creatures are not above or separate from us. If we want to recognise them as unique then we should think of them as a horizontal creature not as a individual vertical creature. We should think of them as a being, a bit of which, lives in every one. They are spread across humanity. It doesn’t matter that to one being they are referred to as an angel, another as a bodhisattva and yet another as a God. Their quality is the same, it is within us and within all of us. This is not so much a new way of thinking about angels and ascended masters, but a new awareness of ourselves.

Imagine the quality of strength and courage, which comes from knowledge of our true nature as part of God. We may not always feel the strength to act from our holiness. In that circumstance we call upon a divine supporter e.g. Archangel Michael who represents that quality. The call is answered. The only difference now is that we recognise and acknowledge that the quality of Archangel Michael is already within us. The prayer or invocation is to access that quality.

If we try to imagine Archangel Michael now, instead of an individual we acknowledge that quality in every human being. The summation of that quality across mankind is the Archangel Michael, A Horizontal Angel. Similarly the quality of compassion, might be accessed by praying to Mary, while others may access it through Tara, Kwan Yin or one of many others. It does not matter who inspires us, the quality is within all human beings and is accessible whatever name we use.

By asking for angelic help we are neither admitting weakness
nor relinquishing responsibility for our actions.
We are simply opening up to the higher forces of love and guidance
that can help us to better understand, accept or change the challenges in our lives