Integrating Insight

Insight produces a change of consciousness, perhaps a radical one, which necessarily includes a new way of seeing the world and ourselves. This new way of seeing may be a marvellous insight or change within ourselves that abruptly allows us to fulfil much more of our potential as magical beings or perhaps we have an instant cataclysmic flash of insight about ourselves and it really shakes us, stirs us or upsets us. It throws light into one of the dark, hidden places in our own being and we feel absolutely shattered. Or, if the realisation was one of joy, we feel incredibly high, completely out of this world, ecstatic beyond words, completely out of our minds. Now what?

Well, firstly remember to breathe, to earth and centre yourself. Secondly, offer gratitude, to whoever and whatever has helped us to get here, including our own self. Breath, ground, centre. Thirdly, be gentle and loving with yourself. Then give yourself time to thoroughly integrate this insight internally before you begin to make radical changes externally – no rushing off to make atonement, or to join a monastery, the peace movement or to save the world. Breath, earth, centre .

Do as much physical work as you can, cleaning, gardening, walking, play enthusiastically. Breath, earth, centre. Take responsibility for yourself – we not only look after ourselves, but we recognise when we need help and go and get it. We don’t wait for it to come to us. Breath, ground, centre.

Keep meditating and trust. Trust that a loving universe is providing what we need even if we don’t always recognise or like it much.