Living Lightly

Living Lightly operates on many different levels. The name conjures up two meanings. Firstly it means living lightly on the Earth with care and respect for the planet and for nature. Secondly it means living from light, approaching life from a spiritual perspective. These two meanings represent the balance between our humanity and our spirituality and a different way of living.

As life becomes increasingly materialistic there is a group of people who seek a different way. Individually they seek a happier more fulfilling existence based on common understanding sharing and mutual love and respect. They share a common feeling that there is a better way. In a society that seeks immediate self gratification it seems that something has been lost and these individuals seek to find it again within themselves.

This newsletter is for those who seek a different way. It represents an holistic approach to life, incorporating mind, body and spirit. It does not imply or follow any particular path and is open to all who journey to find a better way of living lightly. It is open to all beliefs, religions and cultures.

The idea is, through the newsletter and workshops, to create an invisible web of light, connecting people in the local area who are seeking an alternative way. The web of light will provide support, sustenance and inspiration. Living Lightly should be a source of light, a connection and a meeting place. Through mutual support the web will grow stronger and brighter and expand to others.

Living lightly is spirituality in daily life, the practical application of spirituality. There a broad spectrum of views about what spirituality is, but it can be considered to be the expression of a quality within us. That quality is one of wholeness and completeness, a feeling of perfection and a sense of being part of something greater. This is not to deny that there is a human side to us too which operates from a sense of individuality and separateness. The journey is a search to discover and know both sides of ourselves and be able to choose from which perspective we want to operate.

Practical spirituality is the discovery of these two sides to ourselves and the application of this knowledge. The spiritual journey is about knowing your light and living it.

Living lightly is also living our life with respect for the planet and the natural world. It is recognising that the world provides everything we need and valuing that. It is seeing the beauty in the simplicity of our surroundings.

Living lightly upon the earth
And not taking ourselves too seriously
Living our lives with elegant simplicity
Acknowledging and liberating beauty
Letting go of unnecessary baggage
Revealing the spirit that infuses all things

(from Positive News)

Do What you have always done, but do it with awareness

When you start to walk the spiritual path, there is a fear that everything will change. Yet strangely that is what we want. It seems impossible to imagine that we will be able to continue to live the life that we have led. Life seems so mundane , so aggressive, confrontational and it seems to possess so much that is unspiritual that we need to leave it behind. Life contains all the elements that made us seek out a spiritual alternative, a different way, so we expect the spiritual path to be different. The main focus of our angst is the central pillar in that we think we must leave behind, because this is the cause and leaving it must be the cure, Yet at the same time this brings fear. How will we live without a job to pay the bills? How will I survive without my partner? The spiritual path seems fearful because it will change so much in our lives.

Yet nothing needs to change, although it might. But we should not rush into changes to external circumstances because true change is internal. When the internal changes then the external will change. The life we have led has brought us to the spiritual path, often very painfully. It is as though life has offered us the reflection to see how we are living, so that we choose to change it. We might still be blaming others or other things for how we feel, but now we must see for the first time that life is giving us what we need in order to see ourselves, as we are. Our life is giving us what we need.

So the first step on the journey is to continue to live our life, but with awareness We start to see ourselves in a different way. We step back and observe ourselves, how we respond and react, what we feel, our thoughts and actions.

Spiritual growth is an evolution not a revolution. That evolution may bring great change, but it will happen naturally. If we change things then we lose the immediate reflection, and perhaps the obvious pain, but we can be sure that they will be replaced unless we change internally.