Looking For The Star

In the UK, we typically celebrate Christmas on the 25th december with possibly some holiday time leading upto the new year. We also celebrate the event with nativity scenes, incorporating the three kings and the star.

In the Spanish tradition, Christmas eve into Christmas day is celebrated with perhaps a family meal late at night, then after 12 days they celebrate Kings day, the story of how the 3 Kings learnt of Jesus and travelled for 12 days to find him. Traditionally, there are also extended navitity scenes, called Balen, displayed in prominent places, some of which are very large and depict life at the time of Jesus’ birth.

From Wikipedia, about the 6th January :

Epiphany (Greek: επιφάνεια, “appearance” or “manifestation”) is a Christian feast intended to celebrate the “shining forth” or revelation of God to mankind in human form, in the person of Jesus. Some Christians commemorate the visitation of the Magi to the child Jesus on this day, while others use the day to commemorate the baptism of Jesus as an adult. The feast is also called Twelfth Day — being the twelfth day after Christmas — or Three Kings Day for those commemorating the Magi. It is also called Theophany, especially by those commemorating Christ’s baptism.

I thought this was very interesting, as the emphasis on this day is revelation or the journey of the tree Kings and how they followed the star to find Christ.

In the Indian Yoga tradition, meditation is done for many reasons. However, ultimately, meditators are trying to unite their Consciousness with Christ Consciousness, as Yoga means union. One of the main experiences in this repeatable process is to visually experience a Star within. This is done by withdrawing your energy from the senses, offering your devotion with an open heart, concentrating on the brow chakra and lifting your energy to illuminate the Spiritual Eye deep within your being, or as Barbara Brennan says, the Core Star. You reverse your senses to look and feel inwards. This isn’t  an imaginary star, but a very real shimmering silver Star of Energy. Experiencing this inner Star and looking into it produces the union of Consciousness where you experience the bliss of Christ’s unconditional love. A visual explanation can be found here.

We can feel this bursting joy during our everyday lives. Resonating with people and experiences, we can experience a sense of bursting joy at the heart. This is a burst of Spiritual Love welling up from deep within our being, from our Core Star. The energy ripples up through our inner layers until it manifests in the outer layers, in physical sensations. During Yoga meditation, this experience is magnified and clarified, however, this experience exists at the center of all authentic traditions, East & West.

I think its possible that whilst the Kings historical journey took place, this traditional story also holds a deeper message about our own journey to discover Christ within ourselves, at the very center of who we are. You can go further with the symbolism, and pull out meanings for the three Kings themselves and the gifts they brought : gold, frankinsense and myrrh … maybe they represent the vibrational qualities of the three tan tiens (chinese philosophy), or the three gunas (indian philosophy).

We see the Star displayed on top of our Christmas trees, this remembrance happens in millions of homes over the festive period, its a deeply embedded symbol within many cultures.

Merry Christmas