Lord Kuthumi – Esoteric Secrets

At the start of the Age of Aquarius Lord Kuthumi takes on the sole responsibility as World Teacher. It is the time to reveal the deeper meaning of spirituality to a much greater audience and therefore assist in spiritual awakening and global transformation.

Lord Kuthumi, reveals the spiritual message within the laws of nature and brings greater understanding through science. Lord Kuthumi assists us to stand between the physical world and the spiritual world so that we are able to bring them together into wholeness. He helps us to learn to open our heart fully so that we can bring light and spiritual teaching into this world.

Lord Kuthumi will make known what has been hidden. This process of revealing esoteric teaching has been taking place in preparation for the Age of Aquarius. More esoteric teaching will be unveiled so that more people are offered the opportunity for deeper understanding of spiritual truth. The deeper teachings of spiritual truth will become accessible for all.

Science and Spirituality
Through Lord Kuthumi science will be able to understand the inner workings of nature, of man, in particular the brain, and the inter-connectivity of all things. Science will come to understand the basis of the ancient spiritual teachings. In doing so the possibilities of man, what man is capable of, will be revealed. Science will demonstrate that the psychic abilities and the capabilities developed through spiritual practice are normal and common place and are available for all. This knowledge will help awaken all mankind as psychic abilities, healing, intuition will become more accepted and used within everyday life. The incredible creative power of the mind will be revealed to us and man will learn to take greater responsibility for themselves, for the planet and the world as a whole. As man comprehends inter-connectivity and inter-dependence we will truly understand the effect that we have and will fundamentally change the way we interact with each other becoming increasingly loving, kind and generous.

Science and spirituality will, rather than stay as two opposing poles, merge more closely. Intellect and wisdom will come together in understanding. Knowledge and direct experience will both be prized. This confluence of science and spirituality is already taking place and will be accelerated under the influence of Lord Kuthumi.

Deeper Knowledge Through Nature
Lord Kuthumi will again assist us in prizing the teaching that nature, in all its forms and levels has to offer us. There will be a return to the knowledge of the inner workings of nature as a means to greater spiritual awareness. Lord Kuthumi assists those who seek spiritual truth through oneness with nature. Nature will once again become one of the greatest tools available for spiritual awakening.

Nature is one of the most accessible tools for spiritual awareness. Through it most of us have been able to feel some of the deepest spiritual experiences. Almost everyone has been touched at some time by the majesty and beauty of nature, which opened within them spiritual knowledge. Yet much of this awareness has been misunderstood or lessened because of lack of understanding. Once again the deeper teachings of nature will be revealed and become an accessible way to spiritual awakening. Through understanding of the very essence of nature man will once again become aware of the presence of God within physical form and, as a consequence, within ourselves.

The Arising of the Divine Feminine
Lord Kuthumi and the revelations of science and nature’s teachings will raise and awaken the physical form of mankind to become the very vessel for the Love, Power and Wisdom of God to be made manifest. We will learn to stand on the earth and raise a vessel up to God, so that God can enter. God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Lord Kuthumi helps us to stand between this world and spiritual world. Lord Kuthumi will help us to learn to open the heart so that we can become the balance between this world and the spiritual world. We will be able to bring God’s love and light into this world, so that we can respond with compassion to the needs of the world and raise our prayer of gratitude to God through Heaven and Earth.

Esoteric Secrets
Lord Kuthumi is the door-keeper of ancient esoteric mysteries. He will be instrumental in the re-emergence of knowledge that has long been long to mankind. The process of revealing these secrets has already started in preparation for the Age of Aquarius. This process will increase and accelerate under the guidance of Lord Kuthumi. The availability of the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadi library, the revelations of many of the great teachers of the last century, are all part of the process of revealing esoteric teachings. These teachings which have so long been hidden have and will be made available to a much greater audience, so that deeper secrets are no longer merely the domain of a spiritual elite nor will superficial religious belief be enough for the greater audience. Those who seek knowledge and understanding will be guided and supported in their search.