Lotus Flower Meditation

A meditation to clear and purify the 7 levels of the aura

Sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the ground and your back straight but not rigid.

Take your awareness to your breath and allow yourself to become more and more relaxed with every breath that you take.

A beam of golden white light comes down from the heavens and penetrates your body through your crown, travelling down the back of your head, following your spine, carrying on down your legs, through the soles of your feet and straight to the centre of the earth. You are in perfect balance between Heaven and Earth.

The golden white light soon fills up your entire body and starts to pour out of your hands, flowing into your aura until your are surrounded by a golden white egg of protection. Only the purest, the most refined and loving energy can get through.

Your guardian angel comes to you and helps you to visualise your aura as a beautiful lotus flower that is gently closed. You get a clear impression of the size of the flower and the shades and hues of the petals.

As the first layer of petals opens up, a heavenly shower falls down, gently cleansing and removing all blemishes. (Wait a minute or two for the process to be completed)

The second layer opens up and is cleansed too. (Wait a minute or two for the process to be completed)

Repeat with the remaining 5 layers, allowing enough time for each layer to be thoroughly cleansed.

Now that the lotus flower is fully opened, its heart is also cleansed by the heavenly shower.

The rain stops and your guardian angel invites you to recognise your resplendent beauty which is your true nature. Admire it. Notice any difference in the shades of the petals. Be open to any message, feeling or impression.

Let the flower close, one layer of petals at a time ( 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…7… )

Take a last look at your cleansed and renewed aura and then ask your guardian angel to help you to come back easily and fully to your physical body. Thank your guardian angel.

As you take your next breath you become more aware of your physical surroundings, on subsequent breaths you become more conscious of the chair supporting your thighs and your back, you start to introduce movement to your body by gently moving your fingers and your toes and finally you can stretch and open up your eyes.

by Martine Allard