One Energy

There is only One Energy. This energy underlies all cultures, all societies, all religions, all expression, all scientific research, all mental states, all emotions, all life.

To be aware of this energy is your birthright, to be connected and whole is your birthright, it is not a gift given to the chosen few, however, the few who do know about this have the responsibility to share this knowledge with others. The knowledge, and more importantly, the experience, has a desire to be expressed, it has its own momentum.

The One Energy comes to us by the way of a continuous spectrum of pure consciousness that delivers a connection to, and qualities of, transcendental Spiritual awareness right through to the manifestation of atoms, including everything in-between such as DNA, the brain, the central nervous system, mental capacity, memory, emotions, and intuition, otherwise known as the Chakra system together with the Energy Field.

There are two types of religious / Spiritual approaches, those that are preoccupied with an external focus, and that which is concerned with an internal focus. The external focus leads you into the brain, into the material world, to religion and to the physical universe. The internal focus leads you to the energy matrix that lies beneath, and sustains, physical reality.

Looking internally, typically using a meditational approach, you can start to dig beneath the surface of everyday reality, to find a subtle landscape, one that is responsible for integration of ideas, beliefs and feelings. The important thing with meditation is to keep going, keep practicing, and keep the sincere intention behind your effort. Its very easy to let the practice slip in the early days as you do not really know how close, or how far, you are from reaching your goal of building spiritual awareness. Let your intuition be your milestone. Persevere, and by digging deeper beneath the surface, and by keeping the sincere intention behind your effort you will emerge at the other side. The analogy of digging is very useful, as it suggests hard work, but also in the way that it also suggests an end point, somewhere to go. When you meditate deeply, you can ultimately perceive the light directly, you can become attuned to the light. This perception then allows understanding, feeling and/or seeing subtle energy. This is the same sort of process as a Reiki attunement, but it is known as a self-attunement. To dig beneath the surface of everyday reality is just another way of saying to increase the vibration of your Consciousness, to rise above.

Unfortunately, at this point, the work isn’t over, as you then need to cultivate that energy, deepen the relationship, and maybe help others with their energy work because, as you do this, you express compassion for others and bring back into the world an example of what you have been striving to find. Fortunately, techniques have been discovered and refined to help you with this cultivation work including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, but there are many other types of energy/vibrational medicine that you could use including Reiki, Shiatsu, Acupressure & Reflexology. These practices are obviously complementary to meditation, and can be used together to facilitate further attunement and build greater Spiritual awareness within your life.

Ultimately, all external approaches will lead you to the internal approach. It doesn’t matter if you switch between one external approach and another, as you are only switching between expressions of the one energy, and ultimately you will be taken to the internal approach, although this may take several lifetimes to achieve. The effects of good work undertaken in one lifetime will roll over to the next and so no work is ever wasted, it never goes unnoticed. The One Energy is unconditional love and is silently waiting for your return.

by Cam Braidwood