One Moment of Clarity

One moment of pure clarity can reverberate through your life for years to come. Just a fraction of a second when everything is clear will create a process of change which can affect the rest of our lives, if we let it.

I was at a business workshop, with a group of people I had worked closely with for about a year. At the start of the workshop we had to introduce each other. To everyone’s amusement Guy introduced me. “This is Tony, he is far too cool for my liking and he’s a tree in his spare time.” Referring to my Tai Chi practice and teaching.

A few months later I was on retreat with Jason Chan, and he was talking to the group. I was sleepy, having arrived late, and my mind was wandering off. Suddenly I was awake, it was if someone had poked me in the chest, not literally, and a voice inside said “listen to this, this is for you”. I paid attention as Jason said “Stop playing at your spiritualty.” Suddenly I heard Guy again and this time really heard “he’s a tree IN HIS SPARE TIME.” I suddenly understood that spirituality for me was like a hobby, something I did in my spare time. It was not the most important thing in my life. It hit me like train. In the next few hours and days, I understood that my life would change, I gained clarity about things I should d and I committed myself to the spiritual journey. You could say it was the moment I took refuge although not in the strict Buddhist sense.

In the moment of opening and truth the true journey began. Insight, knowledge and understanding yes, but in a limited way. The real gift was the commitment to the journey, each and every day. There has never been a day since when the journey, learning, teaching has not been part of my life. Writing has been a consistent tool for me, most days writing, insight and understanding following meditation or when in a connected space. I have an ability, honed in a working environment for bringing together diversity into wholeness. I can see the bigger picture and see how components fit together into that picture. As I journeyed on the path the writing became forged into a course and through teaching and learning from it developed further into the book.

The Active Willingness course is a gift, given and received. Yet this gift was not pre-ordained, or given whole and complete. It is a gift that unfolds across time. The gift is a combination of original clarity, focussed intent and innate ability. The gift is the consequence of the determined path. From one moment of clarity, recording the journey with determination and commitment the gift unfolds.

We learn from this how the universe operates. We are presented with opportunities, which we take or not. We have specific skills which we use or don’t use. We pay attention and direct our energy on different things. The gifts of the journey, even the path of the journey itself, are open, they evolve, they come into being. All we need do is align our actions and purpose with the universal flow. The gifts received are precious, but the are not ours. We can never own these gifts, we are merely guardians. Their essence is truth and that belongs to everyone.

Now this is my journey, my ability, but for each of us the journey is also underway. Once we are committed and allow the journey to happen the gift unfolds. It reveals itself as the journey progresses. Sometimes we are too impatient and want it now, but the gift is the consequence of the beginning, and the journey we take. Do we have a life’s purpose? Certainly we have a journey and special ability, but the journey evolves. Our role is to remain committed and to allow it to unfold. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad decision, nothing we have, or don’t have, to do. But as your gift evolves and takes shape, appreciate it. There are times when we recognise that we are attuned to the path that opens for us, when coincidences, synchronicity enables us. When everything comes together in seeming perfection, when we see the alignment of our journey with the world around us.

There is not a thing that we have to do, but our innate ability combined with universal wisdom, clear focus and intent and our personal passion leads us on a journey that is our destiny.