Powerful Love

Jesus is a divine incarnation on Earth. I say ‘is’ because Jesus attained Cosmic Consciousness, the same Cosmic Consciousness that is available to us all right now, something very much alive. We must remember, especially at this time of year, that Jesus is Universal Unconditional Love, something for everyone to feel in their lives, not just those celebrating Jesus’ birth. The term ‘Christ’ was being used in India several centuries before the Christian era as an appellation for those great Masters who had attained Cosmic Consciousness. Indeed, Krishna (Christna) was also called Christ. So, you can start to see how Cosmic Consciousness, Unconditional Love, has manifested itself to mankind in different places and at different times throughout history and is very much doing this today. This is a continual process bringing the Unconditional Love of Christ into everyone’s heart.

It’s interesting to try to understand the different states of Consciousness. Everyday physical consciousness is very much based on attachment to the senses. These sense attachments, and what is called sub-consciousness, make the Ego. As consciousness is extended beyond the senses, into feeling, into Love, you enter super-consciousess; this is the realm of the Soul. As you continue to extend your awareness into vibratory creation, you become aware of the unity behind the apparent separation of the physical universe, you are entering Christ Consciousness, and you can feel your presence everywhere in creation, in every atom of matter. When you feel your presence beyond creation, as well as in creation, that is Cosmic Consciousness. These later states are what are known as transcendental states of Consciousness.

You can think of the Universe, the complete Universe – not just the physical universe, as a sphere. At the core of this sphere is brilliant pure white Light. In a Spiritual context, Light is a euphemism for Spiritual Consciousness. The Source of this white Light is unmanifest in the sphere / in creation, also known as God the Father. As the Light emanates from the center, extending outwards becoming manifested, it creates and sustains vibratory creation. This is also known as God the Son, or as mentioned before, Christ Consciousness or Kutastha. This first stage of extension is a perfect reflection of God the Father, but within creation. We experience this as the brow Chakra. Imagine a Ray of Light continuing to extend from the center of the sphere outwards towards to the outer edge, striking the edge. This Ray represents the inner connection between the inner source of Light and the manifested physical universe on the outer edge of the sphere. The Ray of Light is continuous, unbroken, and as it travels through vibratory creation it experiences different levels of energy, different levels of Consciousness, until it reaches the outer edge and manifests in the physical universe. Imagine the outer edge like an eggshell. Where the Light strikes this outer eggshell, Spirituality penetrates through into the physical reflecting the beauty of the inner source. We experience this as Nature, evolution, inspiration and essentially encompasses the Human experience. Having extended outwards, Spirituality connects with physicality creating an energy circuit that flows from the Source outwards through creation towards physical creation, and back again, this is also known as God the Holy Spirit, flowing within and without the Universe.

If you think of the Earth as an analogy to the Spiritual Universe, a sphere, you can see the effect of magnetism emanating from the Earths iron core by looking at a compass, or by viewing the aurora borealis. In the same way, you can feel Spirituality emanating from the Universal Core as Unconditional Love, and interact with this by undertaking Energy Work such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation or Reiki. Indeed, the Ray of Light can be understood and worked with as a series of Energy Center’s, or Chakras, that creates and sustains our being, not only our body, the base Chakra, but also our Consciousness. The sixth Chakra is known as the brow, or Ajna, Chakra. It is also the gateway to Christ Consciousness that exists within us all, within the entire Universe. These Chakras lie within us, within our Consciousness, connecting us with our Spiritual Core and taking us on a journey through our emotions, feelings, thoughts, relationships and uniting us once again with unconditional Love, Joy and Bliss.

Its nice to be able to understand how someone like Jesus can personally relate to us all, especially at this time of year, how we can be personally connected to Jesus in this day and age. Whilst it may be nice to understand a litle of the Consciousness framework that has been made available to us, its important to feel this connection, feel this Love, as it expresses itself through the human experience, through the heart center, as a person poised to express this Love is in a very powerful position to act within the world, for greater good, without being pulled left & right by sense attachment & unnecessary desires. The divine reflection can truly shine.

by Cam Braidwood