Reiki and Conscious Healing

Reiki is interesting because it provides a framework for healing. Its really a framework for self healing, even when people receive Reiki from someone else, the paractitioner is really only encouraging that person to heal themselves in a supportive environment.

There are different access points into Reiki, but however and for whatever reason you first make contact, it really delivers a personal message and although people bring different life experiences to Reiki, the healing framework will always provide ways and means to understand those experiences, invite healing and move forward in life.

Energy used in Reiki healing flows to where it is needed the most, like water flowing into an estuary fills the deepest channels first, so the energy works to kickstart healing where it is most needed, within the deepest aspects of our being.

In my case, the initial healing intuition came a while before I actually found the right way (for me). I had looked into Reiki during 2000/2001 but didnt connect with it at the time. When I started to look around again in aug 2004, after yoga meditation, I had made quite a few phone calls to organisations but nothing was available in the area. Exasperated, I then stopped looking and put the whole situation on hold. Towards the end of aug I started to get a very strong intuition to do Tai Chi, it wouldnt leave my mind, and so I looked on the internet and found Tony. From there I would learn to manage my energy better, after being high from the yoga meditation, and eventually realised that I could learn Reiki through both Tony and Sue (Morton) together.

The key to connecting with Reiki this time round was that I had started to become sensitive to energy from doing the yoga meditation and tai chi / chi kung. This made a big difference in terms on tangibility, it was like seeing in colour after only seeing in black and white previously. The other big difference, was that I had started to make contact with other people doing similar work and was able to talk to them. This provided a really good support network.

Reiki 1 : The introduction to Reiki. Classic hand positions. Physical healing.

After Reiki 1, you are invited to perform the self healing hand positions on yourself. Whilst doing this I started to experience automatic hand positions when I was asleep. I would wake up with my left hand on the top of my head, the crown chakra, and my right hand on the lower tan tien chakra, the energy center between the solar plexus and sacral chakras. The lower tan tien is associated with physical vitality. It took a while to notice and acknowledge that this was happening, but after a while you cant deny it, and this still happens today but also with different positions. During this time, I started to get intuition regarding how to treat my food sensitivity and started a program of pro biotic treatment to encourage healthy bacteria. A very physical healing.

Reiki 2 : Further Reiki including discussions on connectedness and distance healing, and also mental and emotional healing.

After Reiki 2, I experienced healing at the solar plexus and heart charka levels, these are very much emotional and relationship centers. I started to feel painful emotions in my life that I must have shut out, or turned the volume down on. It was quite distressing. Initially I needed to communicate these feelings in order to work through them. This brought some relief to the situations, but it was inappropriate to communicate some of these feelings. I needed to feel them more deeply rather than offload.

Following intuition, the next part is allowing intuition to guide you to what your emotions and feelings are communicating with you.

At this time I started to work with the idea that painful emotions are a flag to highlight an inner situation which needs to be dealt with, rather than an outer situation. This is hard work, as usually we tend to look outside of ourselves and blame an external source for our feelings. However, the external source has actually only highlighted, or reflected, an inner situation that we have within ourselves and then feel. Rather than seeking to change exterior situations or people, first try to acknowledge the inner situation, then try to change yourself, experience the inner feelings and work through them, communicate them appropriatley. As you change, modify both your relationship with yourself (how you feel about yourself) and your relationships with others.

If our lives, and the world, provides a reflection of ourselves so that we may heal, it would be pretty sadistic if it didnt also provide a way to heal this same pain, in the way that a burdock leaf is usually found near a nettle. In the same way that a reflection of our pain is made visible to us through the medium of our own lives, a reflection of our connection to divine love within is also available.

Its important to note that I dont seek to dismiss real life problems or circumstances as somehow not being real, or not worthy of attention. Of course, its important to try to correct these outer life circumstances, however, I’m just suggesting that perhaps these circumstances are symptomatic of a deeper issue that needs addressing.

As far as I can remember I have always been emotional when watching television and films. As a child, I can remember watching lassie on TV and crying in joy with my mum 🙂 This same situation still happens when watching powerful films at the cinema, or when listening to beautiful music and lyrics on a CD. I realised that the outer world was allowing me to reflect on my inner world, and the films and music where providing a tool I could use to connect to a deep source of love. As I connect, as I remember love, tears come into my eyes but also I become filled with joy. Its a wonderful feeling, a release. As I learn the lessons that Reiki 2 offers, I can feel the pain within myself, acknowledge it, and connect it to that deepest source of love, within myself, within each of us. This is a healing technique that can be applied over and over again as pain emerges in your life. This is a specific example of how I heal, and I think we all use similar mechanisms in order to feel the inner souce of love, no matter what the outer situations may be.

I know Tony teaches a meditation technique where a problem can be brought up to the heart center and by intending to connect with love, see the situation from a perspective of love, and to feel it at the heart, you can begin to work through the problem. This seems like a very similar way to connect the problem, the pain, with love and to allow love to flow. Its as if you are connecting wires within your consciousness, when connected the healing can flow. The connecting process is identifying/acknowledging the source of the pain, internal not external, and acknowledging where healing comes from, internally not externally. The healing flows from your Spiritual center, up to the imbalance in your energy body, then the results of that continue to cascade into your material world, which includes your body, where they are again reflected back to you for you to experience.

Also, Reiki itself can also be used to connect to the inner source of love. It helps bring balance to the emotions, so that they can be felt and their meaning can emerge from within, and it also helps us to connect to love and bring that healing love into our reality.

The other aspect of Reiki 2 is distant healing work. You learn about the connectedness that exists between people and how this makes it possible to do distant healing. On a personal level, the distant healing relates to healing events from your own past. In fact, one of the meanings of the distant healing symbol is ‘No past, no present, no future’. Its all connected in the present moment.

Before undertaking Reiki 3, I experienced this kind of healing as a series of scenes flicking through my consciousness. At each scene I was given the opportunity to apologise and/or to forgive. Done correctly, with sincerity,  these past events then disolve. These events are like karmic knots tied into your energy body.

This set of experiences has helped me to gain some understand of how mental and emotional healing works, but I think this mechanism applies to all levels of healing work. Ultimately, our lives and the reflections we experience will always be perfectly constructed to include healing opportunities at every level.

Reiki 3 : Spiritual healing , the X factor in healing work.

Symbols and techniques are discussed in order to help you to work on the Spiritual level, with Spiritual awareness. In a way , you are really healing your own relationship towards Spirit, as Spirit is already perfect and working for your highest good. The aim, for me, is to become comfortable with Spirit so that you may effortlessly allow Spirit to manifest through healing work, in which ever ways are perfect and natural for you to participate, and ultimately for this to shine through into your daily life.

Water flows the strongest when released from a height, like in a hydro-electric dam. The same is true in healing. Connect to the highest Source you can and allow the unconditional love to flow from that point.

Remember that deep within the Soul, within the deep energy body, there is no separation of time and space as we know it. A healing moment deep within us can be expressed as a sequence of events and healing moments over time. Its fantastic to experience healing moments, but sometimes its good to look back over a sequence of events and try to appreciate how the healing has actually manifested within your life, so that we can be better prepared to recognise the process unfolding again in the future, or maybe just to recognise that you are already in the middle of such events in your life right now. Acknowledgeing them can make all the difference and encourage them to unfold further into your life.

Every step of the way you are exercising your freedom of choice to move into wholeness, and your life is a perfect vehicle for you to become conscious of the aspects of yourself that require attention and to subsequently be brought into love and light. This is conscious healing.