Sacred Circle

For some time now I have been inspired to bring together a group for chi kung and meditation, not to learn but to share in the joint experience. This group will bring the power of spiritual experience and awareness into a energetic force for the benefit of individuals, this world and to assist the process of change individually and globally. There are now many individuals I know with great experience of accessing their spiritual nature through chi kung, meditation and prayer. The purpose and intent of the circle is magnified when a number of people come together. This energy can be directed for personal growth, support and healing, into difficult and problematic situations and for the planet and global change.

The idea is to bring together people to focus their highest connection for the benefit of the whole. This is not a teaching environment but an opportunity to direct intent for the common good. This does not mean that all will not learn through the process, but the purpose is to be.

The circle is a circle of truth. The circle aims to be directed by higher truth, from the source of all things and therefore must seek a stance of truth, wholeness and unity rather than separation, individuality, intellect. The integrity of this intent is to be maintained so that the power that comes from the source of all things is present. The circle will come from unity, a balance of the female and male energy balanced and merged in the heart.

This is a circle for growth and for concentrating the energy and power of grace for healing ourselves, individuals, situations and for the benefit of earth and mankind. The circle is symbolic. It represents the unity and equality of all things. It is also energetically powerful being a good way to increase and hold the energy. Within the circle everyone is equal and no-one more significant than anyone else. When we come into the circle it should be with this understanding, so that we hold the circle and the people in it with reverence.

This is not a circle for the wise only, but a circle for those who seek wisdom. Everyone is welcome. The key here is that spiritually we are all the same even though we do not recogise that. The unity of the circle recognises that fundamental equality so that each and everyone irrespective of background and experience contribute equally. Never feel that you are not experienced enough, it is an opportunity for all to share.

The circle starts with a period of silence as each person turns inward. An sacred object, e.g. a crystal, will be passed clockwise around the circle and people will have the opportunity to speak and direct the intent of the circle. The aim is to focus the attention and therefore the energy of the circle towards areas that we are inspired to assist. This may be individuals, groups, problems, situations, animals, global change etc. i.e. towards anything to which your attention is drawn and you feel passionate about.

There will be energy work to open and prepare. Exercises such as Chi Kung or Yoga will be used to open the energy flow within the body, to quieten the mind and to open the heart. This is followed by Meditation /Prayer to connect to the Unifying Creative Force and direct the creative power with the intent of the group.

The circle will close by passing the object anticlockwise with the opportunity to share insight and experience.

For me personally it marks the start of the transition from the teaching environment into one of being and sharing. There is an enormous body of spiritual awareness which can be channelled for the benefit of mankind. Everyone should learn that they already have the capability of spiritual expression, whether they trust and believe in it or not. Everyone, irrespective of their belief in their own development and knowledge, have the same spiritual capability, now. That the power of spirit is limitless and that power is able to be directed by our pure intent. That our own healing, the healing of others and the process of personal and global change can be accelerated more by being and acceptance than by seeking and learning. We have an infinite creative power when we are connected and open to the unifying creative force that is present in all living things.