Seasonal Choice

Its a real pleasure to see the seasons rotate.
To appreciate the contrasting beauty of each.
Each season brings a different feel, a different energy.
Being connected to the Earth, we are also connected to this seasonal energy and as each phase of the year goes by, we can feel this within our own Consciousness.
I like to treat the seasons as a framework for personal growth.

At the beginning of the year, the winter season is still with us. Its a new starting point, a time for intention, setting new targets and inviting that change into our lives.

As we move into spring we begin to grow, new revitalising energy lifts our consciousness up, what was invited to come into our lives starts to appear. It should be acknowledged and welcomed in, with the influx of energy comes a choice, a choice to allow growth to occur within us or to remain as we are.

“At Easter, the resurection of our own consciousness begins by practicing, in the ordinary situations of life, the attitudes and actions that make us less entangled in this ever changing world and more anchored in God. When you say “no” to some temptation, you are resurrecting your divine freedom of choice from the habits that bind you. You can refine your Consciousness again and again by choosing daily to act in harmony with your higher Self.” – taken from the Self Realization Fellowship’s Easter message, 2007.

During summer, we have the opportunity to manifest abundance within our lives. Benefiting from the personal growth and choices we have made, we can now welcome in the fruits of those choices and celebrate the richness of life.

After the energy has peaked, autumn draws in. It becomes easier to see how small personal choices made earlier have direct effects on our lives at this point. As the cycle begins to close, we have the opportunity to gather our newly discovered resources and give thanks for them, harvesting the benefits.

At the end of the cycle, winter sets in. This is the closing of the energetic cycle, and chance to really let go of what no longer serves us and acknowledge we have moved on during the year. This is a time for inward reflection and this takes us back to the beginning of the cycle.

Many people feel the energetic change, feel their energy levels and mood change with different light levels. I like to think that this is not just down to physical light, but also characteristic of subtle energy underpinning these conditions. It may well be that the intensity of physical light is just one physical attribute of the subtle energy itself, being connected to and emanating from the sun.

by Cam Braidwood